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Saturday, May 11, 2013

[REVIEW] HiShop Welcome Pack [ April Edition ]

Hello ladies! Happy weekend to all of you!
Well, I don't really have plans for this weekend, so I probably will spend my time in front of computer. :D

Last two weeks ago when I just received words from that I was chosen as their beauty ambassador, this bright pink box arrived to my doorstep a few days later! How efficient! 
Too bad it wasn't me who received the box or else I'll grin to this for the whole XD

Anyway, I was really thankful to be chosen along with many others HiShop Beauty Ambassador you could found online! Since there are so many of us, you would probably see this pretty box laying around every month! hehe :D

So this is the first welcome pack I received. I was told that the products are special hand picked by HiShop for every bloggers and I think it is true because the main item of this box is the BB cream and BB cream is the top post in this blog ! haha

HiShop also offers a lot of Korean and Japanese beauty product like Candy Doll(My fav!), Baviphat, touch in SOL Tony Moly and many more!

Before I continue, let me introduce to you a little bit about HiShop.

HiShop [ pronounced as hai-shop ] is an online beauty and cosmetics store. They only carry genuine products and they believe that beauty should be made accessible for everyone - anytime and everywhere. Visit

  The first and main product I told you is this Beauty Balm from FARMASI Cosmetics. They're Turkish brand cosmetics and I actually heard about of them quite a few times before this. 

This BB cream have two shades which are 01 Light and 02 Medium to Dark. I'm glad that they choose the right shade for me!I usually go for the darkest shade for every BB cream I bought because I love to mix the colors with the light BB cream color I have to get the correct shade.

I won't write a full review here since I don't try this BB cream yet but surely a full review coming soon in this month!

Price : RM39.90 (The price is cheap!Not bad if you're a first time BB cream user)

 Oh hi Siwan from ZE:A! 
This is a mask sheet from "touch in SOL" brand which is sweet honey type.
Since my skin is acne-prone which is prone to redness on cheek, this is the right one for me!

The mask claims ;
Honey Mask replenishes and revitalizes you skin, restoring its natural suppleness and moisture levels while alleviating and soothing soreness, redness and cracking.

Price : RM5.90 (the price is not bad for a mask!)

I've tried Baviphat masks quite few times before this especially the oatmeal and black bean one!
I love the masks so much because it is really light and non-sticky on skin~ I can't wait to try this one!

Taken from HiShop ;
Acorn makes the skin more glowing and the inner pulp of chestnuts is effective in tightening pores. Highly concentrated essence mask contains various moisturizing factors such as betaine and shea butter to give you a smooth and moisturized skin.

Priced at RM5.90 each.

It's Nature & Co which is a brand under KOSE! omg *_*
Since I love the products I tried from KOSE last time, I'm expecting this will do well! Since it is nature, the ingredients are probably from nature itself !

The full sized product (140ml) cost RM88.90. However, you can choose this samples too add on cart for free when your purchase from HiShop!

Next are the samples for the Nature & Co Pure White Lotion Light and Pure White Milky Lotion Light.

Whitening skin toner and moisturizer that penetrates easily into the skin to fill the skin with moisture and make your wish for pure and transparent skin come true.
How to use:
Toner : After washing the face, take about a coin-sized dollop onto the palm of your hand or onto a piece of cotton, and blend in with a patting motion.
Moisturizer : After applying the toner, take about a coin-sized dollop onto the palm of your hand or onto a piece of cotton, spread evenly on the face
Softens skin and boosts its ability to soak up nutrients, while at the same time delivering whitening ingredients deep inside the skin. It leaves skin healthy and teeming with pure translucence. Vitamin C derivative (base compound) suppresses melanin generation and wards off spots and freckles.
- It has a lush, moist texture that won't feel sticky on the skin. 
 - Delivers a pleasant sensation with rich moisture you can feel.
 - It has a scent of fresh herbs that will make you want to breathe in deeply.
 - No artificial coloring
 - Dermatologically tested (Caution: this does not mean that the product is guaranteed non-allergenic for all users.)

That's sound so promising!
Priced at RM58.90 (180ml) each for both product.
Check it out HERE and HERE.

and of course the sample is available too! Click here!

There is a discount coupon from Milkdeal too! 
Enter MAD0513 in your purchase for 10% discount.

HiShop also gave my reader a RM20 discount code for over RM100 purchase!
Enter LOVEHISHOP in your cart and get RM20 off!

Please subscribe to as they're having so much of secret giveaways in their newsletter! Since I is one of their newsletter subscribers, I received a lot of secret giveaways which you can't see either on the site nor their facebook!

Like their facebook for more facebook giveaway and product updates! 

I am totally excited to try all of this brand! It feels like I received a monthly subscription box with full of surprise! haha..I'm gonna do a thorough review later <3

Thank you for reading!


Azwa Mislan said...

waaahh,nak gi juga hishop ni tapi jauh dari U saya. :)

LauraLeia said...

Wow, nice items you got! :D I tried before that Touch In Sol mask (but Shea Butter, not Honey) and it was okay. Looking forward to your BB cream review! ^^

Sabrina Tajudin said...

wah! you got a bb cream! nice! <3

nurina adhalia said...

Siwaaaann <3
looking foward to your bb cream and Touch In Sol mask review :)

Mizu said...

sure! will do it soon! Thank you:)

Bethany said...

I'm really interested in the Malaysian BB Cream. Look forward to a review. ^^

Mizu said...

ahh..sorry..i got wrong info suppose to be from Turkey >_<

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