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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

[REVIEW] BRTC Jasmine Water BB Cream Set

Hey guys!
This post have been in my draft post for a very long time. Since reviewing BB cream needs a lot of time and effort, I keep delaying doing this one because it is tiring!haha XD

Anyway, I finally made to complete the whole post today and hope you like it :)

A month back, I ordered few BB cream/ CC cream just because my current foundation showing signs of finishing up. Plus, my skin changed quite a lot these days with a lof of dry patches so KATE powderless foundation is no longer work for me since it is powder in finish which will make my make-up being cakey.

I heard a lot about BRTC products and I came across some of their BB cream. After reading much reviews and recommendations, I find that this Jasmine Water BB Cream suit sensitive skin, hydrating and had wise coverage too! So I found a list on ebay and just bought it since it is the cheapest I can found.

The order arrives two weeks later and it came in a set! I was speechless and very happy because they didn't say that the single BB cream I ordered would came in a set and with such price too! I saw a lot of other websites that sells the single BB cream with quite an expensive price. O.O

In the set, there are a full sized BB cream, a BB cleanser and a pact.

The BB Cream came in squeeze tube type which is quite handy :)
Do you see the difference? The color is too light for me :(
Note : the bb cream oxidised in the second photo.

The first thing I noticed about BRTC BB Cream is they don't have selection of shades so I had to pick up the only shade that they have which is light. I know that it will be quite light for me so I mix it with another BB cream to get my nearest skin tone color. I guess it's time they move on to add more shades since they market their products globally.

The BB cream have a slight smell which probably be the Jasmine smell?The smell isn't that strong but you still can notice the smell. It didn't bother me anyway since the smell is quite pleasant.

For the coverage, I would say that it does a great job! It is medium coverage and able to hide minor blemishes, acne scars and a bit if redness. However, to cover up the dark scars or major redness from acne, you may need a concealer help.

The texture is rich and a bit thick but it is easy to work with since the cream is easy to blend. It's a bit sticly when first applied but it will gradually adjust to the skin and makes it so smooth. I think Missha's  Perfect Cover BB cream got thicker cream type than this.

Aside than that, I actually notice some breakout on my face but I actually don't think that it is this BB cream's fault since my face is that easy to breakout coz I have an acne-prone skin. So I can't really tell you much but as far as I know, my skin looks glowy even after I removed the BB cream completely. I can see that my skin is a lot radiance than before :)

The lasting hours is great!I could say that it stays on my oily skin about 5-6 hours with the help of my make-up primer. Most BB cream will show signs of disappearing starting on my nose after a few hours but this is not. Besides, I realize that this BB cream doesn't do much of color transfer especially when I blot the oil on my skin with tissues. There are least traces of color I've seen.

The cream itself is waterproof and it is easy to remove with oil cleanser. I'm not about the other type of cleanser(etc.gel cleanser) since I never tried any BB cream cleanser other than oil cleanser from Biore and Hada Labo.

Next review is the Jasmine Water Moist Pact. I really love the 'moist' name coz most pact/ powder do cake up my make-up a lot because it is too dry.

Sorry for the dirty puff..
Left is 1 swatch and the right is 2 swatch of the powder.

At first I don't know how 'moist' work in do they have some hyaluronic acid or something?lol XD 

Anyway, I don't have much raves of this pact but I do notice that the powder is less dry than any other powder pact I ever tried. This do cake me up if I wore it too much so I keep it less or never. I liked glowy face right now and prefer of not wearing any powder coz I don't want the BB cream became too matte.

It's a nice try plus it is cute too! It came with a puff and mirror! It is so rare to see a cute powder would come along with a mirror.haha XD

Lastly is the Perfect BB Remover review. It's my first time using this type of BB cleanser and I think it does a good job!

I accidentally put a lof of BB cream in the photo which is enough for my whole face and that's what my face looks like without mixing it with other bb creams.

The color of the liquid is transparent and it is more like water than cleanser. Oh , I mean the texture :D
Only just a bit of the cleanser, I notice that it works really well to remove the BB cream better than my Biore cleansing oil. The cleanser doesn't makes my skin feels tight and it gives moisture after cleansing.

Although my oil cleanser need more amount of liquid to remove my BB cream but I still liked my oil cleanser because it removes my whiteheads too! It feels like it does deep cleansing better than this cleanser. However, both are comparable enough in terms of the results.

Other than that, this cleanser have a slight scent of lemon I guess? It's a pleasant smell I could tell :) and it doesn't bubble up when you mix it with water. :)

Finally, here is my skin looks like after applying the BB cream. The ratio of mixing is 6:2:2. You may see a bit of redness on the forehead because I don't use any concealer and only with this, almost all my imperfection have been covered including the dark circles! Wonderful isn't it?


Bethany said...

I am a built spoilt from paying so little for Missha BB cream on eBay. xD The Jasmine Water BB Cream looks like it'd really suit my skin-tone, but I think I'm too cheap for it. Lol. Looks good on you. ^^

Mizu said...

haha..if Missha's suit you then you better stick with it since it is really cheap. Yes, its rather pale tone..anyway, thanks :)

Chee Z said...

What a great deal 3 products in 1! xD
This is the first time I've heard of BRTC, the BB cream cleanser looks interesting, I wonder if it can be sold separately? Does that BB cream have a grey tone to it? Thanks for the reviews!

Mizu said...

Hi Chee, yes, supposedly the set was sold in different price but i was lucky to meet this seller which gave the whole set to me.

Yes, you can buy the cleanser separately in full size :D the above one is only the trial size.
yes, the bb cream does have a grey tone to it but the grey color isn't too strong like missha's..
you're welcome :)

DieanaFirdaus said...

Shomelnye...berapa harga one set ne Mizu?

Mizu said...

Sebenarnye beli satu BB cream je tp seller tu bagi satu set :D

Harga die dlm RM78 camtu.

kalau nak beli, kat sini

Be Ho said...

Hi! I've been wanting to try the BRTC Jasmine Water BB Cream but was unsure of the color since there's only one. What skin range would this be best suited for? Does the it oxidize? Thanks for the review ^_^

Mizu said...

The color is light as I could say. The BB Cream is designed for sensitive skin :)
It does oxidize but not much I think :D

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