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Sunday, May 19, 2013

[REVIEW] Skin Food Honey Melon Hand Balm

Evening peeps!
I thought I just gonna do a simple review on hand balms.
Yea I know, I used to dislikes hand balm/hand cream because it just feel uncomfortable but my dry hands is getting worse so no choice, I had to use it since 3 months ago.

But I guess it's not too bad if you found great hand balm that could suit yourself.
I tried the Holika Holika Banana Hand Butter Cream previously and kinda love the smell. I haven't review it yet but to tell ya, the price is really expensive for a chibi size 0.0

Anyway, this time I tried this hand balm from Skinfood. I remember back then when I visit the SkinFood outlet, I tried few hand balm in this collection but I can't remember which flavor is it and I really love the smell and texture.
So I just guess the flavor when I buy this and it wasn't the one that I love..OTL. Should go back and try another flavor to confirm it back.

I heard about KoreaDepart  from some blogger so I check out their price and coincidentally found Skin Food hand cream & mask were selling cheaper than any other shop!! Ok, I won't say that all of their products are cheap coz some are expensive too. Plus, they charged shipping fee so it wasn't my cup of tea to pay for shipping XD

It's just a coincidence I saw these babies are selling cheap + shipping fee is cheaper than any other online shops + free shipping so I decided to shop with them this time. It's a good deal so why not :)

It arrives after about 2 weeks and more. Sadly can't even captured the box(koreadepart written on the box) because my mom opened the box when it arrived, shove the products into my make-up stash and trashed the box TT

Anyway, here are the products. I got me a Skin Food  Black Sugar Mask(should have review this first but there is one comparison picture is missing 0.0) and a Skin Food Honey Melon Hand Balm.

This is the samples I got. The candies sure are cute! The packaging is really neat because they put all the samples in a plastic to keep them in place.

Forgot to capture the front but it's okay since I've shown it above.

 The texture is very creamy.

Well, good results right..?

The first time I used this hand balm, I thought I'm not gonna used it again because it feels really oily and my hands feels heavy as there is something on it..

So for second thought, I can't trashed my own money anyway so I just used it before I went to sleep. After a week or so I think, I lessen the amount of the cream I put on and gosh, it feels so light! It dries faster but leaving my skin moist. It doesn't feel sticky and greasy at all and I can't even remember if I actually put something on my hand.

and so the story goes on..the balm almost finished now coz I've been using it like most of the time. In class, before studying, after cleansing face, after shower and before go to sleep..fufu :D

So that's people say a little goes on a long way. The balm just absorb into my skin after light rubbing and it don't even feels soapy when I wash my hands. It last for the whole day unless I wash my hands with soap.

It smells like melon or more like milky melon? I'm thinking to buy another flavor or try to find the flavor that I crave for. This is worth a try except the packaging since it's a bit unhygienic to dip my finger in the balm.

Thank you for reading :)


Mizu said...

agree..hand lotions always makes my hand feels heavy..TT
it's good that this is better :)

Michelle Tang said...

I really like milky melon scent, so this hand cream is really something for me. :)

Chee Z said...

Ohh I love melon scent, and fruity scents in general! I really want to try this, since the lotions I have been using are not that great :( I'm not too fond of the packaging though, seems like a lot of lint can get in. xD Thanks for the review!

Mizu said...

really? should try this then :)

Mizu said...

it's great you love the scent! generally skin food products always smells really good. you should try this :)

Vivalahighstreet said...

I love skin food!!thanks for visiting my blog:))

Shasa Su said...

I don't like hand cream too because it's so sticky on my hand.

Ow..That black sugar mask,please do the review bout this..:)

Bethany said...

I'm really picky with hand cream. I really need it, but I can't stand the greasy feeling, so it has to absorb super fast. The texture of that one looks pretty nice. ^^

Mizu said...

yea but if you do find the right one, it won't be sticky :)

oh sure! the review for the sugar mask is coming up :)

Mizu said...

i know right!me too..
anyway, yes, i kinda love this :)

Dewie Aprillia said...

Wow..nice review Dear.. I wanna try this one :)

Mizu said...

thank you :)

Hari Rari said...

Well, in the end it seems to be a good product, I'd love to try it ^^

I'm following you :)


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