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Saturday, May 18, 2013

[REVIEW] Banila co. Prime Primer #Classic Matte

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack updates in my blog.
It's because I'm partially busy + lazy. Spending lots of time study and playing games or just be a silent reader of some beauty

After my friend said yesterday that I haven't post anything in my blog, makes me realize I shouldn't do that. It's because we have a three days of days off so I took the chance to write one plus it's raining here and it makes me feel happy.. :)

Anyway, today I'll be reviewing my most favorite make-up primer ever that is Banila co Prime Primer in Classic Matte. Well, this is basically isn't new to those who knows Banila co. It's been around since 2010 , I think and it was the bestseller in Korea. In 2011, this primer is crowned as the best seller in Japan which is considered a big deal. They added a lot of version since then based on the skin type/skin problem.

I look around since these past years for this but ebay just sell them too expensive! As I remembered, the first time I found this on ebay, the price is about RM89+ . I thought it was too expensive and I never tried the samples so I'm afraid it would not work as expected.

Just recently qoo10 start operating, I saw a seller selling this with quite a cheap price!They have sales going on that time and I think this is about RM39+. That's A LOT of difference from the ebay price.

However, only two types were available with the seller, which is hydrating and classic matte and it was just right because I'm targeting the classic matte ver!

 I think because it is duty free so the price is lower?

 Too bad everything is in Korean language :(

 I thought the bottle looks cheap at first..haha..

 Come in a dispenser pump which is very convenient for me.

I don't know how to describe the texture but it is somewhere milky and moist. I love the way that the primer feels so light on face and it smoothen out my skin before wearing make-up.

I had quite a lot of dry patches because of the cleanser I used but my skin is really oily. This primer is just right for me because it doesn't feel oily and it preps my skin so beautifully and cover the pores.

It smells florally but not too strong. It is just right plus I love everything that smells good!

It's white in color but it dries clear. I used this almost my entire face because every parts of my face needs primer to control the oil. As far as I used this for almost two months, I saw that the primer really helps my make-up stays longer on face and it controls my sweat too.

Since it is so hot here like almost 35C everyday, I do sweat a lot and sometimes it just bothers me because I can't even wear my make-up longer because it is easy to spoilt. The primer just help controlling the sweat but I don't really say that it clog the pores. I don't have any breakouts of using this so no worries :)

Ok what else? I don't know what to say anymore but I love everything about this primer. Needs to stock up soon coz I'm running out of it :D

Anyway, thanks for reading!


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