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I'm Mizu and a beauty blogger from Malaysia since 2010. I'm very passionate in beauty and addicted to Korea Cosmetics. I love making friends all over the world besides enjoying mangas and animes.

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Monday, December 31, 2012

[REVIEW] Koji Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner in Brown (New Packaging)

I think I don't have to explain more about Dolly Wink~
It's like too popular coz everyone seems to know this brand..hehe :D

I had my first Dolly Wink products last year when the first edition were so popular back then and hype much! I initially a Korean cosmetics lover changed when I started to like Gyaru since last year. So now, both Korean and Japanese cosmetics were my favorite all the time :D

Anyway, maybe a short intro(?)
Dolly Wink is produced by Tsubasa Masuwaka, an idol gyaru model for Popteen magazine in Japan. She worked with KOJI to create false lashes and face make-up for this brand. 
aww..I actually wanted something pinky for the background but I don't have time to go buy it :(

Definitely simple in design but it's still beautiful~

Can you believe that she's married and had a son? It's true btw.. the cute flower design but I don't really like the blue color..I wish it would be purple though..

Sharp for perfect lining~

So this is how it looks on my eyes..I was pretty diligent for recent 
posts since I had my whole holiday at home for a week..

The first picture is only the eyeliner without other make-up applied.
The second picture, I added white eyeliner, brown pencil liner and black mascara for the eyes. 
I thought it wasn't really successful in terms of the make-up..coz I'm bad at it..haha XD

So here I list the products for you for the make-up I used in the second picture;
Dolly Wink Brown Eyeliner
Etude House White Styling Eyeliner
Etude House Proof 10 Pencil Liner
Etude House Lash Perm Proof Mascara

So my verdicts ;
The eyeliner is in brown color so maybe I'm expecting a little different brown in color but I guess, that's how the brown will looks like even for other brand. The color is a bit sheer but line after line, I can see that the color intensity can be darker so I didn't apply too much since I wanna show the brown color, not black or dark.

The eyeliner is really easy to use and the brush tip is really sharp and 
bendable so it's easier for me to do cat eyes or thin lining.

The packaging is okay since this collection targeted for natural look which 
is different from the previous theme when Dolly Wink first launched. The tiny flowers design 
are really cute although I didn't really like the blue color. Pink is used for the black eyeliner so 
I wanted purple or maybe a nicer color for the brown eyeliner.

However, the downside for this eyeliner is it tends to rub off or disappear especially when it is in contact of water or my oily eyelid. The first half of the eyeliner didn't affect much but the line is usually cut off at the end of my eye which the oiliest part on my eyelid.
(You can see the waterproof test for this Dolly Wink eyeliner made by me)

Overall, this eyeliner is definitely a good try. 
Aside of the rub off part, everything else were great.

I got mine from Vivace Dolce. Her page is definitely a great place for 
gyaru lovers who loves falsies and other popteen/egg magazines stuffs <3

Got questions?

Thank you for reading!Ja ne~

Sunday, December 30, 2012

[Giveaway Winner] Congratulations!

Holla Holla..I know you're wondering who won my blogiversary giveaway right?
Before that, I wanna thanks everyone who joined my giveaway! Although most of you that joined are my new followers, but it's okay since this is my first giveaway~ :D

I received about 697 entries in total! I'm so happy to see your extra entries everyday(twitter/facebook/Google+..etc)..

Anyway, here is the winner! Congratulations for winning! The result is by .
To those that didn't win, there will be facebook giveaway next!Yeayy~
Please wait for the announcement..!

To Sarah, I will e-mail you for your details. Please reply within 48 hours and I will choose another winner if you not reply me within the time.

Thanks everyone!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

[REVIEW] Clio Professional Waterproof Pen Liner in Kill Black

No.1 Korea eyeliner, Clio Professional Liner in Kill Black is known throughout the country and also given name as Lee Hyori eyeliner. The sexy diva acted as the endorser for this brand really make a big hit for the eyeliner with her looks that matches well. Aside from that, the color intensity and other criteria for the eyeliner also the main point for the best selling which sells 50,000 eyeliner in two weeks after the launch. News here.

The story behind the Clio Professional ;
CLIO Professional was created as color make up brand in 1993 by the make up artist who seek for their creative world. CLIO professional is targeting on 25-years-old young women who have strong sense of beauty and remarkable individuality. They are very active and independent, and want to be sexy and stylish fashion leader. CLIO professional is satisfying them with high quality of trendy & fashionable products and the refine brand image.

I'm not really an eyeliner person, but since I tried the Dolly Wink Black Eyeliner and seeing almost everyone wearing an eyeliner, I said, does an eyeliner really make a big difference? The answer is YES, IT DOES for a very big gap. An eyeliner makes our eyes more enticing and stand out also gives an impression of big round eyes.

Searching for Clio's products are rather hard even for online shopping. The brand are really popular in Korea but they didn't promote it worldwide. I found this eyeliner on ebay few months back search after search. topinkgirl on ebay is the first seller that sells this Clio eyeliner with reasonably price. I was hesitate to choose between the brush and pen liner because these two eyeliner have big different in terms of brush type. The pen liner is more like 'marker' brush while the brush type is the same as Dolly Wink eyeliner. Since I wasn't really good in using eyeliner before, so I finally choose the pen liner because it was said that the pen one suits beginner very well.

The packaging is yellow and black mix and in addition of Lee Hyori pictures makes the packaging looks sexier and edgy~

The Kill Black name really gives an impact.

Formulated in Japan but Made in Korea. At least it wasn't China again..haha XD

The Carbon Black ingredient that makes the intense black in color. I'm lazy to type out the ingredients.Picture will do?

The packaging of the pen liner is rather plain I think. No special shape and cutesy design. Just gold text on it but the inner is we are after, right?

Here is 'marker'-like brush. The tip is sharp for perfect lining.

I tried the Clio and Dolly Wink swatches on hand just to show the difference.The original colors are more intense compared in picture because of lighting.

Putting the swatches under the running tap water. Non of them budge for a bit.

Rubbed the center of the swatches. It seems like the Dolly Wink is Brown is easily disappear compared to Dolly Wink in Black and Clio Pen Liner.

I rubbed super hard here and all swatches are gone except for the Clio Professional Pen Liner which leaves an excess black color. It may not seen much in photo but it does in real.

The pen liner does had a sharp brush tip however because of the brush it a bit like 'marker' which it did not bends like the normal eyeliner brush makes the line thicker. Just like the one that Lee Hyori used in the picture. Clearly she used the pen type for that thick eyeliner around her eyes.

You also can see the color difference between the Dolly Wink eyeliner in Black and Clio Pen Liner in Kill Black. For the black intensity, Clio won over Dolly Wink for the super black in color. 

Another criteria for Clio pen Liner is waterproof. In the last picture, you can see that the eyeliner is removed with hard rubbing and I'm using only water to do that. So that's means that the eyeliner isn't 100% waterproof and it does a bit smudging in the second last picture also denying the fact that they wrote that this liner is smudgeproof.

But actually this eyeliner isn't that bad. It stays on very well on my oily eyelids for the whole day without disappearing and smudging. Plus, it actually kinda hard to remove with water except with make-up remover or cleansing oil. My friend also bought the same eyeliner but it didn't work well with her because she had a very very oily eyelid plus she rubbed her eyes frequently. ( rubbing your eyes is bad..)

So here my final looks with the eyeliner. I'm still new to this pen liner because I didn't used it casually except I need to go somewhere else for the whole day. The brush sometimes can be a bit rough so I rarely used it. (so don't poke it too much when applying)

This is the normal eyeliner style I would wear everyday <3

I tried to imitate Lee Hyori eyeliner here but I think it's not good as's my first time doing this because I usually don't line up my lower eye with liquid's easy to get messed up but surprisingly it turns well with this eyeliner ^_^

Color : Super Black and there would be shine under the light as shown in picture :D
Brush : Hoping that they could make the brush a bit softer coz sometimes when I'm in hurry, the tip kinda hurts my eyelid.
Easiness : Creates thick lines in short time.
Packaging : Very simple for the eyeliner. They could improve it by changing the color to more black for the edgy feeling.
Smell : No smell detected.

Now this eyeliner is available in selected Watsons Malaysia and Stardust Studio along with other products under the Clio Professional brand. I'm targeting the Twisturn or Gelpresso next!

Click here to like the Clio Malaysia facebook page!

Have any of you tried this?
Thank you for reading~

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

[REVIEW] Nature Republic 100% Natural Jelly Cleansing Puff - Red Clay

As requested by many, today I'm gonna review the Konjac puff I bought from qoo10 previously.
I myself didn't know that Nature Republic do have this kind of stuff because they don't really promote this thing though..or maybe they Korea..(ok, maybe Etude House do had similar puff but this one is included with natural earth ingredient)

I was attracted by the description of this puff which is made by natural Korean Red Clay which is eco-friendly and safe for the skin. So without thinking any further plus the cheap price, I grab one of this puff from all three types just wanted to test out the wonders out of this.

Since it started selling in qoo10, this sponge became the top 5 best selling puff all the time so why wouldn't I feel that I also wanted to try this?

There are three types of Nature Republic Konjac Puff that you might wanna try :
1. Red Clay - for oil control.
2. Charcoal - for deep cleansing and purify skin.
3. Vegetable - balancing skin pH.
I choose Red Clay because I have an oily face  so I wanted something that could lessen it..
the puff is kinda foggy because i put this under the air conditioner..

me likey <3

It is half moon / half sphere in shape.

The puff is really soft and bouncy. I also got this when the puff is a bit damp.

The puff is originally a bit wet/damp in the package when I first received it. There are two types of this kind of puff ; the one that is dry and the one that is damp but for the Nature Republic version of puff, the dry one doesn't exist. The other puffs brand that I found, do have those two types and had a lot of type to choose.
There are also a full sphere shape for the other brand that not available for Nature Republic.

When my brother first saw this in the bathroom, he ask if someone left a doughnut
I think everyone are poking this puff curiously..

The first day I used this puff, it was very soft and squishy!
It did cleanse my face very well because I used my hands to clean my face everyday but the feel is so different. I can tell that this puff really remove my whiteheads(coz I don't have blackheads) very well. I think it would work for blackheads too! I wore make-up for the day and I would say that the oiliness is lessen especially on the nose and forehead.

To use this puff, you have to squeeze a bit your everyday face wash on the puff and let it bubble up.
Then, just cleanse your face like usual. I like to use the flat part instead of the round part to cleanse my face since I can work with it better but it's up to you. The round shape suit to cleanse your face near the eyes.

There is a day when I lay flat this puff in my room with the air conditioner on so the next day I went to wash my face without wetting the puff first and it was really rough on face..errk! It was my mistake since the puff could be really dry so you must wet the puff first until it became softer again before your start washing your face.

This one puff can only lasts about 3-4 months with frequent use.
But it doesn't matter, the price is cheap though..

Have you tried this?


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

[REVIEW] Etude House Sweet Eye Cupcake #04 (Lavender & Grape)

Ho ho ho..Merry Christmas to all my readers who celebrated the day!
Hope you got your wish gifts! ^_^

Because of the Christmas theme or sorta like..I decided to review this two toned eye shadows because the design kinda reminds me of Christmassy..haha XD

Few months back I bought this from the local Etude House outlet because they got 30% off for 3 items and above. My friends bought a lot so I just ask her to include mine in her receipt. We also got free Etude House pink water bottle along!hehe :D

There are four colors to select for this eye shadows collection ;
1. Banana & Chocolate
2. White & Blue
3. Peach & Honey
4. Lavender & Grape
5. Grey Brown & Smoky Black
Hmm..the name isn't like the usual Etude House..kinda lacks of cuteness..kk

I choose this color because first, there are only two colors available which is blue and purple. The price is kinda cheap plus I don't have much eye shadows colors aside of earthy brown and
So I decide to grab this while I still can.

Texture : Powdery
Glitter : Yes. Small glitter almost unnoticeable.
Color : Sheer, not too pigmented just like other Korean eye shadows.
Fallouts : Bearable.
Scent : No
Size : Although the packaging is quite bulky, the size of the actual eye shadows isn't that big. 
You can easily detach the eye shadows from the package.

Overall, this eye shadows is a good try~
Have you try it?

Monday, December 24, 2012

[REVIEW] Etude House Missing U Hand Cream #03 - Cerulean Warbler(Sweet Cotton Candy)

Finally, it's my turn to use the internet...xD
My home wireless router is broken since  few months back and we siblings had to take turn to use one computer..T^T

So my dad bought a new one and now everybody can use personal computer..hehe :D

So today I'm gonna review the hand cream I bought from qoo10!
I actually didn't really like to put anything on my hand especially hand cream because it's troubling.
Most hand cream are too oily or feel heavy or too sticky :(
Although I did say so but I still had my own hand cream just in case my hands are too dry that it will be more troubling for me..(thank god the hand cream is not really that bad but it's running low atm)

So last time when I browse on qoo10, I saw this hand cream got price reduction and it became super cheap! I thought this is a chance to try a new one and to get the owl cuteness that I can't resist!

Hi! I'm Cerulean Warbler, the pretty singing bird in blue! You may already know me from many tales, as I represent happiness. I like to sing, sitting on a branch, but nowadays I can't find many places to sit and sing because of tall buildings with glass walls. Also, many of my friends didn't notice those walls and crashed into them. Please help me to sing freely again!

Very cute  and sad story :( ( I copied from the box)
Please help this endangered birds~fighto!

This is so kawaii!!~~kyaaa~

100% recycled paper and soy ink printed!

I give him 'Kai' for the name~kkk
Where did he wanna go ?

Found ya , Kai!

soo kawaii!!!

So here is what the cream looks like.

Very light on hand and it is not thick!

I'm so happy to see the hand cream!It's so cute and small~
At first I wanted to take my favorite color, pink owl but I think this blue owl , sweet cotton candy makes me thought it was yummy in name so I bought the blue one.

The smell I guess is not really impressive when I first used it. It has a very slight smell but time after time I used it again, i realize that the smell is kinda good...but I know the pink one will smell more good than this one like the past Etude House products I ever tried. Usually the pink one is the best seller..haha :D
The cream itself is very light. It doesn't feel heavy on hand and it moisturize pretty good. I don't have to re-apply the hand cream every single time for this.. ^_^
Also this hand cream is not sticky at all but it feels smoother on hands so I don't have any problems with this :)
Good news! The ingredients is NOT included with Parabens, Mineral Oil, Sulfate and Ethanol!yeay~

This hand cream is available for 4 types!
1. Eagle Owl Story (Very Berry Cherry Scent)
2. Kakapo Story (Sunny Sunny Apple Scent)
3. Cerulean Warbler Story (Sweet Cotton Candy Scent)
4. Eastern Glass Owl Story (Peach Peach Peach Scent)
 omg the name!kkk

I'm pretty happy with the purchase!Have you tried one of them!
I would like to buy another one if qoo10 got sales again next time!

Thank you for reading!


Saturday, December 22, 2012

Online Haul~ #dolly wink #hada labo #etude house

Hey guys!
First I would like to apologize for the few days back when I made changes in my blog design for several times and ended up messing them badly till the server can't display my

I tried few templates I found on the website, just for fun..coz I don't know how to design my own blog T^T
Well, I tried playing with html codes years back but since I left it for too long, I forgot all of them completely..and when I want to revert to old template, I remembered that I actually do not save the old template before making new changes..and so now you see my blog became like this..;(((

Anyway, I think this is better than before since I fixed it up but something is lacking?Don't you think so?
Becoz of this template, you can no longer click comment to comment on the post instead you had to click the  title of the post to comment. I don't why it did disappear but I'll find it out later..

So enough for the blog probs, here are my few hauls for the past weeks I shop at and related shops!

Here are some of them! I finally bought the cutie new owl hand cream from Etude House!! :DD

Hello birdie! Isn't it cute?? kyaa~
I got this for superr cheap price! I'm gonna list all of them at the end of the post~

I'm running out my pink tint so I decided to buy the new Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint in PK001. Apparently the other pink in this collection is rather hype becoz Sulli used it in the 'To The Beautiful You' drama :)
I didn't choose the same color as hers because I got a sample for that color and the color is really bright. I want something that looks more natural for classes.. :)

This Konjac sponge is really popular in qoo10 so I wonder if it could do wonders!

So here are the samples I got from all the sellers above..
Can't wait to try the new Etude House Nutrifull Collection! 
and those BB dation!

Dolly Wink!! It's been some time since I bought something from Dolly Wink and recently they released the new packaging! It's more focus on natural girlie I suppose~ There are new earthy brown eyeshadows collection too! I don't exactly need those eyeshadows but I can't resist the cuteness..gaahh..thank god I didn't buy

Hada Labo! Since I need the fullest moisture on my face right now so I decide to buy this set!
Plus, it got super cheap sale at Watsons and new formula too!
I remembered when this first arrives in Malaysia, the price is almost RM40-RM50++ and that was for one Hada Labo lotion..T^T ( p/s : this is not bought on9..haha)

So here is the price list for all the stuffs I bought above!
Etude House Missing U, I Can Fly - Cerulean Warbler + free shipping : RM12(retail price : RM25+)
Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint in PK001 + free shipping : RM18.80
Nature Republic Konjac Vegetable Cleansing Puff - Red Clay + free shipping : RM6.80
Etude House Daily Acne Foam Cleanser + free shipping = RM26.80(retail price : RM40+)
Dolly Wink Brown Liquid Eyeliner : RM45 + RM6(shipping) = RM51
Hada Labo Moisturising Set : RM39+

I was quite happy with the buy since most of it are needed not the way that I'm collecting it~hehe :D

Thanks for reading!More reviews coming soon!