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Monday, December 3, 2012

[REVIEW] Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF42 PA++ #No.23

The weather today is awesome..I love cloudy weather..coz it's colder..hehe
and because I'm in such a good mood, I decided to make a new blog post complete with full photos of before and after!

It required a lot of efforts making a blog posts contain photos of me,especially before and after photos since I had to had courage, self-effort to take my own pictures with this trembling

A fellow reader of mine message me on facebook about a month ago asking for advice on beauty and such and those conversation finally made into the BB cream that we wanted to try and it goes that I finally bought this Missha BB Cream as the result of that conversation. I initially recommend this to her but since I haven't try this and I'm keen to get one of this so I bought the sample size.

As you may know, this BB cream is incredibly popular for most people, in fact I'll see this BB cream review on every blog I just to make my version too, I pull off my sleeves and write mine..tehee

Because of I got this from Korea, there aren't a lot of shades available unlike Missha U.S and the color I choose also may not the one that suit me since I wanted a shade that available on Missha U.S website. Since Korean used to have less shades available so I just go along with it.

I wonder how many time I took this photo just wanted this to look good..coz the grey description is very hard to capture..

Sorry, I took the pictures under half light so it's a bit darker than usual.

I should put line between those but I'm sure you see the difference in color there right?

So here is the before and after picture of me. This may be the best shot I is really close and I had to had strong encourage to show the imperfect me >_<
but I just want to say that my skin really improve so much in the last no big pimples and there's only scars left..any suggestion for acne scars medicine?haha

Okay, go back to the picture, just as I said, the color is greyish and doesn't suit my skin tone well..but actually it wasn't that bad..the color may turns better after it oxidizes but just to mention that it has buildable coverage but i won't suggest to people who had oily skin to put it on so much on your skin because it kinda thick and oily I guess.

Coverage : 4/5
It's buildable and not too dry.People with acne problem shouldn't add much of the cream on face because it's thick.

Smell : 1/5
Smells like obasan powder..not likey..:(

Shades :
Avaible in 5 shades(if I'm not mistaken) in Missha U.S website but only 2 shades in Korea.

Price : 
Very affordable.It's cheaper than any BB Creams that lived up to it's motive.

Texture : 5/5
It's thick which is hard to spread but since I don't use my fingers to apply the BB cream, so it's no problem with me coz it's easy to work with either brush or puff vibrator.

Staying hours : 
Stay very well about 2-3 hours on oily face and you'll have to blot on the next hours.

Overall, I like this BB Cream, the texture, coverage satisfies me very well..
The shades may a bit off but the thing that I dislikes the most is the smell..well, I have to adjust well with the smell..but it's good that the smell won't stay long..

Thank you for reading =)


Edward said...

Yes! I use this same cream! I must say that is has done wonders for me! But it takes lots of trial and error! I used to use a sponge for applying the make up but I ended up using too much and it would appear very oily on the skin! Using the hands is better and it smooths onto the skin without the rich product being taken away from the face and smudging with a sponge! However, unless you like being pale this product is very limited in shading! Luckily I'm very white and pale so it matches fine and sometimes if I put a bit more I look well colored or sun kissed! Btw your skin looks fine! What I recommend to remove acne scars are Simple Brands of Facial Scrub and Lotion. You should use a lotion that contains many Vitamins like A, B, E and K! Also use a light scrub, it is all about removing the dead skin layers and rubbing in circular motions allows blood to flow through the skin! Overall if you want light quick easy coverage without acne breakouts I recommend this product the most! Fair warning though if you do have a pimple and you cover it with this product it actually will make pimples ready to release from your pores, don't pop it but gently massage any bacteria or "pus" out of the clogged pore and then apply topical medication to clean it or reduce swelling!

Mia said...

Oh wow..thanks for your long explanation! Days after I wrote this reviews, I realize that the color wasn't that bad on me..and you're true..paler skin are easy to find matches shades for skin! and for those lotion you recommend, I'm sure to check it out!Hopefully it'll available in pharmacies so it would be easy for me find it here. It seems that I need to learn more from you in terms of acne problems coz you really did know more than me! I'm glad that my skin does fine these days but I'm afraid that the acne will always return any sooner if I'm too happy about it..Thank you again!

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