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Thursday, December 27, 2012

[REVIEW] Clio Professional Waterproof Pen Liner in Kill Black

No.1 Korea eyeliner, Clio Professional Liner in Kill Black is known throughout the country and also given name as Lee Hyori eyeliner. The sexy diva acted as the endorser for this brand really make a big hit for the eyeliner with her looks that matches well. Aside from that, the color intensity and other criteria for the eyeliner also the main point for the best selling which sells 50,000 eyeliner in two weeks after the launch. News here.

The story behind the Clio Professional ;
CLIO Professional was created as color make up brand in 1993 by the make up artist who seek for their creative world. CLIO professional is targeting on 25-years-old young women who have strong sense of beauty and remarkable individuality. They are very active and independent, and want to be sexy and stylish fashion leader. CLIO professional is satisfying them with high quality of trendy & fashionable products and the refine brand image.

I'm not really an eyeliner person, but since I tried the Dolly Wink Black Eyeliner and seeing almost everyone wearing an eyeliner, I said, does an eyeliner really make a big difference? The answer is YES, IT DOES for a very big gap. An eyeliner makes our eyes more enticing and stand out also gives an impression of big round eyes.

Searching for Clio's products are rather hard even for online shopping. The brand are really popular in Korea but they didn't promote it worldwide. I found this eyeliner on ebay few months back search after search. topinkgirl on ebay is the first seller that sells this Clio eyeliner with reasonably price. I was hesitate to choose between the brush and pen liner because these two eyeliner have big different in terms of brush type. The pen liner is more like 'marker' brush while the brush type is the same as Dolly Wink eyeliner. Since I wasn't really good in using eyeliner before, so I finally choose the pen liner because it was said that the pen one suits beginner very well.

The packaging is yellow and black mix and in addition of Lee Hyori pictures makes the packaging looks sexier and edgy~

The Kill Black name really gives an impact.

Formulated in Japan but Made in Korea. At least it wasn't China again..haha XD

The Carbon Black ingredient that makes the intense black in color. I'm lazy to type out the ingredients.Picture will do?

The packaging of the pen liner is rather plain I think. No special shape and cutesy design. Just gold text on it but the inner is we are after, right?

Here is 'marker'-like brush. The tip is sharp for perfect lining.

I tried the Clio and Dolly Wink swatches on hand just to show the difference.The original colors are more intense compared in picture because of lighting.

Putting the swatches under the running tap water. Non of them budge for a bit.

Rubbed the center of the swatches. It seems like the Dolly Wink is Brown is easily disappear compared to Dolly Wink in Black and Clio Pen Liner.

I rubbed super hard here and all swatches are gone except for the Clio Professional Pen Liner which leaves an excess black color. It may not seen much in photo but it does in real.

The pen liner does had a sharp brush tip however because of the brush it a bit like 'marker' which it did not bends like the normal eyeliner brush makes the line thicker. Just like the one that Lee Hyori used in the picture. Clearly she used the pen type for that thick eyeliner around her eyes.

You also can see the color difference between the Dolly Wink eyeliner in Black and Clio Pen Liner in Kill Black. For the black intensity, Clio won over Dolly Wink for the super black in color. 

Another criteria for Clio pen Liner is waterproof. In the last picture, you can see that the eyeliner is removed with hard rubbing and I'm using only water to do that. So that's means that the eyeliner isn't 100% waterproof and it does a bit smudging in the second last picture also denying the fact that they wrote that this liner is smudgeproof.

But actually this eyeliner isn't that bad. It stays on very well on my oily eyelids for the whole day without disappearing and smudging. Plus, it actually kinda hard to remove with water except with make-up remover or cleansing oil. My friend also bought the same eyeliner but it didn't work well with her because she had a very very oily eyelid plus she rubbed her eyes frequently. ( rubbing your eyes is bad..)

So here my final looks with the eyeliner. I'm still new to this pen liner because I didn't used it casually except I need to go somewhere else for the whole day. The brush sometimes can be a bit rough so I rarely used it. (so don't poke it too much when applying)

This is the normal eyeliner style I would wear everyday <3

I tried to imitate Lee Hyori eyeliner here but I think it's not good as's my first time doing this because I usually don't line up my lower eye with liquid's easy to get messed up but surprisingly it turns well with this eyeliner ^_^

Color : Super Black and there would be shine under the light as shown in picture :D
Brush : Hoping that they could make the brush a bit softer coz sometimes when I'm in hurry, the tip kinda hurts my eyelid.
Easiness : Creates thick lines in short time.
Packaging : Very simple for the eyeliner. They could improve it by changing the color to more black for the edgy feeling.
Smell : No smell detected.

Now this eyeliner is available in selected Watsons Malaysia and Stardust Studio along with other products under the Clio Professional brand. I'm targeting the Twisturn or Gelpresso next!

Click here to like the Clio Malaysia facebook page!

Have any of you tried this?
Thank you for reading~


Blackswan said...

Hi dear, may this Christmas end the year on a cheerful note & make way for a fresh & bright New Year. Here's wishing you lots of love, joy & happiness from Shirley's Luxury Haven. xoxo

LauraLeia said...

WOW! The CLIO eyeliner looks really nice and dark! :D I think you did a great job drawing the eyeliner, hehe. I want to do that style too, but my lower lashline always smudges after a few hours. T___T

Mia said...

Hello Shirley, thank you for the wishes! Happy New Year to you too~ ^_^

Mia said...

yes, it is really dark. well, i wasn't very good with eyeliner at first..but practice makes perfect..for the lower lashline, i think it would be better off with gel liners and top it with eyeshadows. that way it'll stay longer =D

Irene said...

wow the finish is really glossy

hana said...

the finish is pretty and i like how it looks in your eyes. opaque black!


Mia said...

yes it is! :D

Mia said...

it sure based on technique :) I usually follow the keep the exact space between my lashline and my double eyelid so that it will look clean.

Yes, definitely opaque!

rhen said...

totally nailed Lee hyori's makeup, good job^^ You might like checking out my review on this here:

Mizu said...

thank you rhen :D

Mel said...

Wow really nice!!! Did you buy this from ebay seller topink girl?? Cause I want to buy from them but I want to know if they're legit :)

Mizu said...

yup, it's topinkgirl! I bought a few times with them and they're reliable :D

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