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Thursday, December 6, 2012

[REVIEW] KATE Lasting High Coverage Liquid Foundation SPF20 PA++ & KATE Covering Concealer for Pores

So this is the continuation of reviews for the KATE products I won from SaSa giveaway.
Both products are my current HG items. With this both combination, they sure gave a very great results.

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Lemme start off with the pore concealer ;

Simple packaging that came in a tube.

I left some of the residue just to show you the final look.
It should looks better on face because it lessen my redness and cover the pores.

The performance of this pore concealer is very good. Although it is white in color but it dries clear and powdery. It feels like you put nothing but it really controls the oil on my face. My foundation can stay for more hours than usual using this awesome concealer. Definitely my favorite on those but the one that I dislike for this product is the smell. The smell could be bad but thankfully it dries and the smell goes away.
Aside from that, the powdery finish that I'm talking about is really miraculous!I feel my skin is so smooth after application. But remember, because this came in a small tube, so you just have to apply them on the zone where the oil goes out more than any part of your face.

I would say that this is definitely a repurchase!

So, next is the foundation.I'm sorry that I forgot to take the upfront picture..hehe :D

I believe that the description says that I should shake the bottle before using but I always forgot to shake them..I should keep this in mind now :D

The bottle is not too big nor too small either but it is very slim and the packaging is so simple with few words on it.

Thankfully it came with a pump!Definitely hygienic!

I got the color in OC-B which the lightest among the few shades they had!
I thought to myself that this gonna be so light..oh nooo..
Aside that, foundation is watery in type and it is so easy to work with and absorb to the skin and blends very well.

It has a yellow undertone!yeay~

See..see?It blends with the skin very well!I never thought the lightest shade would suit me.

This photo is the most recent I do I cleared up those redness?
Anyway, just to mention that I didn't wear the pore concealer before applying the foundation in this picture.The redness should looks lesser if I put them on.
Although it looks white but it oxidizes well on my face. It simply brighten up my face and most people notice that..I'm glad!

Overall ;

Coverage :
The coverage is good if taken the point that this is watery-like type. It is quite hard to find something watery to have such a good coverage.

Texture :
Watery. Although it is watery type but don't worry, the liquid won't sliding down on your face.It stays on hold very well.

Smell : 
No smell detected. Japanese cosmetics used to not having any smell in their products.

Staying hours :
Stays very well accompanied by the pore concealer and a bit powder about 4-5 hours on oily face. It should work better on dry skin.

Skin type :
Suit all skin types.Not too dry on dry skin and not oily at all.

Price : 
Priced at RM79.90 in SaSa Malaysia.Correct me if I'm wrong but it should be around that when the last time I saw this in SaSa. Quite expensive I know but it's worth it!

Right now I'm targeting the new Fall Collection which include a new foundation. It should be better than this.I can't wait!

Anyway, thanks for dropping by~See ya on the next post!


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