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Sunday, December 2, 2012

[REVIEW] Klair's Iluminating Supple Serum & Klair's Rich Moist Sheet Mask -

 Holla is almost midnight here and I just remembered some posts that i haven't posted on blog yet so  I got this sweet time writing one right now..hehe :D

It is about a month or more I received this special package from Oh, they aren't sponsoring me.This is a giveaway gift that I won from their facebook giveaway last time. I absolutely don't know anything about winning this and it shocked me to received a medium sized packaged just right at the time when my semester ends previously. Thank god I didn't went home yet and thanks to the postman ossan for the right time delivery. Of course I re-checked their facebook again for the confirmation since I know nothing. It comes out that my name is the first one who won the giveaway..I totally didn't expect this since there's a lot of other competitors too but anyway, thanks to Wishtrend, I received a very great gift! :D

I really wanted to make a really cool entry by putting Wishtrend box picture but sad, the baka me stupidly throw out the box before I realize that I haven't take any picture of the *go crying again* so no cool picture..

I really should make an introduction about this brand but ma brain did not function very well at the moment so to be easy, just head on to for the intro!That would be much better right? Oh man..I forgot that to those that do not know what website is, they're a company that sells variety of Korean brand cosmetics!So check them out rite now!

Well, I love the name..that's why..

The grand fluffy carpet is making a comeback!

That was pretty lot of ingredients!No wonder serum is always expensive to begin with!

I love the is made of glass I think?but it's not that heavy though..

Ne, broke your neck..puhahah XD

Kinda interesting style of cap right? Idk about the function at first but then the baka(once again) me realizes that it is used to prevent the serum from leaking if you mistakenly pump the bottle.

I'm sooo sooo happy when I opened the box and I saw this box said 'serum'..
I freaking love serum! They're well absorbed, water-like type and dried easily also they had a generous benefit!Yea..and that's why I can't even afford them..T^T
But thanks to people like Wishtrend that sent this gorgeous liquid to me..I'm happy like hugging a fluffy pillow (●´∀`●)     

I have no negative comments about this serum. It doesn't break me out, is supplies my skin with moisture and those benefits of serum on ma face..I can never regret slapping my face with this every fact..I'm filled with happiness...definitely a must try serum!and oh the smell is is not strong and it smells really light~

So for the mask..,


I don't actually read the whole thing nor understand those chemical bonds of ingredients listed there although I'm a science student but still..I don't learn many of them yet..
but one thing that I realize about this brand is they used a pretty LOT of plant ingredients!Isn't that a good thing?That would be the safest ingredients in the world!By reading some of them, I already fell in love with this brand..seeing how they specifically detailed everything in making a product.

I tried this last night and straight to my sleep..oh yes, again no break out!yeayyy~ My skin is smooth and moisturized..thank you mask-chan for making my skin healthy and pretty..hehe :D
and great point of this mask is the cutting of the sheet is amazing..I can adjust whenever I like according to my face.The sheet itself is quite large and it almost cover all the way to my neck but that's a good thing you know.Our neck needs vitamins too!

and here is the samples they sent..There are also another version of Klair's serum special for sebum control!They gave quite generous samples amount to me!And also ElishaCoy , Skin79 BB Cream and Skin Lab cream samples along that featured in their website!

I tried the pink one for the Skin Lab cream( special for red spot on face).
First, I wanted to praise their samples packaging.How could they be so intelligent for making such a amazing samples packaging?That was the most convenient samples packaging I ever used entire my life.I don't have to squeeze hard to get the product..
Anyway, the cream itself is quite good..absorb very well.However I can't tell if it is really works for me since I only had one sample for that...but you should give these a try. :D

If you would like to buy Klairs product locally, kindly visit MaxBeauty outlet.
One the store is located at Setia City Mall on the first floor near Elianto and TheFaceShop.

Anyway,thanks for brain couldn't function well anymore and I hope I didn't write any unpleasant thing in this blog post..haha XD

See ya~


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