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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

[REVIEW] Nature Republic 100% Natural Jelly Cleansing Puff - Red Clay

As requested by many, today I'm gonna review the Konjac puff I bought from qoo10 previously.
I myself didn't know that Nature Republic do have this kind of stuff because they don't really promote this thing though..or maybe they Korea..(ok, maybe Etude House do had similar puff but this one is included with natural earth ingredient)

I was attracted by the description of this puff which is made by natural Korean Red Clay which is eco-friendly and safe for the skin. So without thinking any further plus the cheap price, I grab one of this puff from all three types just wanted to test out the wonders out of this.

Since it started selling in qoo10, this sponge became the top 5 best selling puff all the time so why wouldn't I feel that I also wanted to try this?

There are three types of Nature Republic Konjac Puff that you might wanna try :
1. Red Clay - for oil control.
2. Charcoal - for deep cleansing and purify skin.
3. Vegetable - balancing skin pH.
I choose Red Clay because I have an oily face  so I wanted something that could lessen it..
the puff is kinda foggy because i put this under the air conditioner..

me likey <3

It is half moon / half sphere in shape.

The puff is really soft and bouncy. I also got this when the puff is a bit damp.

The puff is originally a bit wet/damp in the package when I first received it. There are two types of this kind of puff ; the one that is dry and the one that is damp but for the Nature Republic version of puff, the dry one doesn't exist. The other puffs brand that I found, do have those two types and had a lot of type to choose.
There are also a full sphere shape for the other brand that not available for Nature Republic.

When my brother first saw this in the bathroom, he ask if someone left a doughnut
I think everyone are poking this puff curiously..

The first day I used this puff, it was very soft and squishy!
It did cleanse my face very well because I used my hands to clean my face everyday but the feel is so different. I can tell that this puff really remove my whiteheads(coz I don't have blackheads) very well. I think it would work for blackheads too! I wore make-up for the day and I would say that the oiliness is lessen especially on the nose and forehead.

To use this puff, you have to squeeze a bit your everyday face wash on the puff and let it bubble up.
Then, just cleanse your face like usual. I like to use the flat part instead of the round part to cleanse my face since I can work with it better but it's up to you. The round shape suit to cleanse your face near the eyes.

There is a day when I lay flat this puff in my room with the air conditioner on so the next day I went to wash my face without wetting the puff first and it was really rough on face..errk! It was my mistake since the puff could be really dry so you must wet the puff first until it became softer again before your start washing your face.

This one puff can only lasts about 3-4 months with frequent use.
But it doesn't matter, the price is cheap though..

Have you tried this?



LauraLeia said...

I'm curious to try this type of 'wet sponge' ever since I heard about the Konjac sponge. It looks really interesting! :D

Mia said...

yes, please do try!qoo10 sells this for a very cheap price but currently the price got no reduction.Please wait for the next sales ~ ^_^

anyajang said...

i just searched it on ebay and its costs 11$+5$ shipping..too expensive sigh.. but puffs made by etude house and missha are much cheaper.. maybe should get them instead..
what do you think , is it ok to use puff if have acne?=/

Mia said...

Hello dear, where are you from? 16$ is really expensive! the puff above i got it for less than Etude House and Missha's are cheaper, you should get them instead.

I also had an acne problem on face. It doesn't hurt unless you rub it hard on the acne part or did not wet the puff beforehand..

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