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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

[REVIEW] Missha Treatment Essence vs Secret Key Treatment Essence

My mom is sick today and luckily, today is public holiday. Since I
can't cook much so my dad just ordered a take out.

Anyway, today I'll be reviewing these popular treatment essence which is said as dupe to SK-2. 
It's gonna be a long post so you can skip the part that you don't want to read.

Product information :
Name : Missha Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence
Price : 42000 won ( approx. RM150 ) *I got it for RM96(+/-)*
Product Volume : 150ml

Start with Missha's, this is actually my second bottle despite of the price
 I mention which could make me starve for a 
Another thing, if you ask for the product link, I can no longer give it because the price is only when they had sale.

Missha Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence claimed ;
Defining, lifting, hydration, rejuvenation, anti-wrinkle, tone balancing, restoration, radiance.        6 Free System : Paraben, Mineral Oil, Artificial Color, Silicon, Alcohol and Pigment
Since I'm not really good in English so I had a hard time understanding what defining skin means. So I guess define means to make skin softer. Using this for two bottles, I could tell that this really makes my skin softer.

Considering my age, I don't have problems with sagging. So I just refer to my cheeks to my chin. Lifting usually connected with this V-shaped face. Though I don't have a perfect V-shape but I could tell that my cheeks never went down even though I sometimes gain weight.

Rejuvenation & Anti-Wrinkle
Most of article I read, a lot of them said 18 is the age where you start aging so since I'm over 18, I probably have the same problem too. I did notice a few fine lines on my forehead because of I always furrowed my eyebrow. Since it was really fine which could be hardly noticed, so I'm not really sure if this works.

Tone Balancing & Radiance
I always had problem with dull skin so with the used of this essence, I noticed that my face looks glowy with pink-red radiance. I would love to show before and after but I forgot to take the before pic 

This could means a lot. Restore aging skin to youth looking skin, restore dull skin to bright skin, reduce scars. Basically, in my problem, I had dull skin and acne scars and this essence did a great job on that!

It wasn't included in the claim so I just want to add that Missha's smells like herb or something. It was pleasant for me.

Product information :
Name : Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence
Price : 38000 wn (approx. RM116) *I got this for RM38*
Product Volume : 155ml

This ingredient were taken from qoo10 but I don't know if is the latest one or not. Because I saw another posters seems like outdated or the information is not correct.

I decided to buy Secret Key's as Missha's ran out and since Missha's was pretty expensive for me to buy it every month. One bottle only last me for a month or more because I used them for 3 times a day.
Some of you guys wondered why the original price is so different that the one that I bought. Is mine fake?
No, mine is certified original and Secret Key list two price is their website which is 19,900 won (approx. RM61). I bought from a wholesaler and I guess that's why their price is cheaper? Plus Secret Key always had sales all year around so there shouldn't be claimed on why their price could be cheaper than that.

Secret Key Starting Essence Treatment claimed ;
Calming skin, whitening, adjusting skin texture, elasticity, moisturising, improve.
7 Free System : Paraben, Mineral Oil, Pigment, Alcohol, Artificial Scent and Benzophene.

Calming Skin
This is my third week of trying this essence and I could say that it is pretty good in calming those pimples on face. Though on recent days, I could say that my skin condition is 150% better than before even before I used this. I rarely get pimples anymore but if I do, it would easily disappear *happy mood*

I did experience whitening when I used Missha's but not so much with this. It could be my skin has improved but I don't see anything significantly.

Adjusting Skin Texture
Again, I have problem interpreting what skin texture means so I concluded that this means in changing rough skin to smoother skin. Honestly when my pimples were pretty bad, I could tell that my skin is rough with all the pimples and white head ( I rarely get black head ) and since most part of my skin has improved ( of course with the proper cleansing and food consuming ) , I could tell that my skin is "sube sube"(jap word means smooth)..

When I used Missha's for the first time, I felt so magical when my skin is really smooth and elastic(?)
like those SK-2 ads..haha and Secret Key's did the same too! I mean my "elasticity" means bouncy skin. Not sure how to describe this properly so just watch SK-2 advertisement.. 

Indeed. My face feels less oilier too and that makes my make up last longer.

Of course! Especially to the problems that I concerned with like acne , dull skin and oily skin.

My first time using this, I think the smell is a bit like chemical but it gradually disappear when you used it frequently.

The purpose of this photo is just want to show the difference between Missha's and Secret Key's. Honestly I prefer Secret Key's better. Not sure

Anyway, you already read my review so both of them doesn't really have difference that much and works as equal. Between cheap and expensive, which one do you prefer? Sometimes people prefer more popular brand as they believe it would work better. It's all up to you, I just give my opinion :D I myself sometimes had the same kind of perspective too.

Anyway, thanks for reading, I think this is the first time I wrote a lengthily post. Super tiring and I made my brain processed more than I do everyday..XD

Have questions? Simply leave a comment or e-mail me at


Selvia Syukri said...

I never use any first treatment essence before. Which one will you recommend for me? my skin i quite oily and whiteheads show up easily. Since my biggest problem is whiteheads, I don't want any FTE that leaves sticky or oily feeling. Thanks :)

songyubi said...

Hi mizu chan! is secret key use after the toner and before the moisturiser? and it is 100% plant ingredient?

Mizu said...

You can use it before applying moisturiser :)
Yes, Secret Key is 100% plant ingredients :D

Mizu said...

Most of my fellow blogger friends loves Missha Treatment Essence.
For me both gives the same effects. It feels so light on skin and doesn't feel sticky at all. You can choose either or maybe you can consider the price too?

Selvia Syukri said...

is missha herbal as well like sk 2? I don't mind the price if it's good deal :D and what do you use after missha treatment essence? do you layer it with any essence,lotion or cream?

Mizu said...

Their main ingredients is the same(the fermented yeast). I used snail ampoule after the essence and top it again with either snail cream(for extra care) or snail gel(lightweight-before makeup)

Because snail products is really a best match considering my skin problems.

meishenmeweishenme said...

I personally didn't like too much Secret key's cc cream , it is not bad but it is more like foundation. So I don't know why but I have sth to secret key

I really like comparison reviews ^.^

Thanks for it ~~

Selvia Syukri said...

I see. I'll try for missha then XD Thank a bunch, dear :)

Mizu said...

Sure, you're much welcome :D

Mizu said...

haha..I never try their cc cream so I don't really know how it works.
this treatment is loved by many and i think they sell samples version too.

I'm currently using their treatment essence and snail products(i haven't review this) but this combi really works for my skin. :)

thanks for dropping by :)

wavesinbluesand said...

I had the one from Missha but it didn't do anything for my skin. Now I'm using the soy bean essence from Innisfree and I can surely see the difference ^^

Mizu said...

I guess this won't work to everybody.I do have some other which is loved by many but doesn't work for me.

I've heard about the soybean essence too! I heard it is good in whitening especially. Glad to hear that it works for you. I usually don't stick with certain product because the changes could not be seen after repeated used.

meishenmeweishenme said...

you are right :) its not mean every product will be the same.

I will be waiting for your snail products reviews ~~

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Mizu said...

Thank you so much. I'll do it very soon :)

Sakuranko said...

I was using the Missha and I saw no difference in my skin now than Tonymoly tonic made ​​a big difference. I have only tried a product of Secret Key. Many thanks for this amazing review!


TulipLove said...

These both definitely remind me of SK-II's yeast essence!
Honestly I prefer cheap over expensive, but sometimes it's worth trying expensive skincare ^_^

Mizu said...

Oh really? the tonic sounds good! Since I can't stick with one product at a time because the effects wouldn't last longer so I maybe will look up for the tonic :)

You're much welcome and thanks for dropping by :)

Mizu said...

Yes, they did. After all it said that both of them are the dupe of that popular treatment essence :)

Agree, it's a worth try :D
Thanks for dropping by :)

Mizu said...

Hi there Kami~

Of course Missha's works better! But using a single essence won't help much in the total healing, you have to use the rest of the products according to your skin type. :)

Pink said...

Unfortunately Secret Key got one downside to it - it contains Dimethicone. Dimethicone creates sort of protective layer - the pro is that it prevents skin from loosing water, but the con is that it also 'protect' skin from the outside, therefore I wouldn't bother with applying any cream on top of Secret Key Essence, as the good ingredients from the cream may not even reach the skin stopped by silicone...

Mizu said...

Great info, thanks. It would be a nice tip for everyone but since I'm not the type who would apply any cream or moisturiser so it's fine for me.

xcox said...

Hello ~
i have an oily skin, which one is better for me ?
Thank you so much hehehe ♡

Mizu said...

Hi ~
I think both works fine for oily skin since I have an oily skin as well.

xcox said...

Ok thank you so much <3

Mizu said...

You're welcome :)

Nihon Mart said...

Nice review. Great product

Alexis Carter said...

Does Missha's whiten too much? I dont want my face lighter than the rest of my body :'

Mizu said...

I don't think it will do such significant change, so rest assured. It does brighten but not so much as whiten.

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