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Monday, December 9, 2013

[REVIEW] eSpoir Lip Lacquer Extreme Fit #WN601 Night Fall

Hi, I'm back! Sorry for neglecting this blog for so long :(
It's because I became so infatuated with reading manga..ahaha XD

I originally wanted to blog about my haul but the pictures turns out to be ugly so
 I think it's better to came up with a review for individual product first :D

I'm so into vampy lips since a few months ago and I can't stop myself for choosing almost vamp lip colors so here is the latest lip product that I bought which cost me quite a penny.. 0.0

Moreover, lip lacquer is quite popular lately and I really wanted to try it once so I choose eSpoir new product to splurge in. Originally I wanted to try the 3CE lip lacquer but it sounds like it would be to dry for mah lips X( 

It's my first time trying this brand and just look at those super fancy box! geez, if I ever walk in into the store, I would be broke in few secs..

I'm sorry that it is already stained because I already used it for a dinner I attended a month ago. The furry applicator originally came in white color and it is softer than Etude House version. No matter how much time you used this, it won't get hard as Etude House's.

That looks like on how Etude House Rosy Tint Lip after squeeze but at least to take out this much product is 100 times easier than Etude House for sure..XD

You just have to twist the bottom part to take out the product.

Here, I made a few comparison of this lip lacquer.

The photo with flash on definitely is not the true color of this product
but I just wanted to show how it will looks like with flash on and flash off.

You can see a big difference here.

I compared this lip lacquer with Etude House Rosy Tint in After Blossom and it looks like they both doesn't really have much big difference in terms on color but I realize that Etude House had more slightly pink hint whilst eSpoir lip lacquer had this dirty dark red hint.

You also can see the difference in terms on texture here. eSpoir lip lacquer is water-like liquid that sips into my skin whilst Etude House Rosy Tint is thick in texture. Because of the different texture, I find that Etude House is way more drier than eSpoir lip lacquer because of the texture that is similar to a lipstick. The eSpoir lip lacquer get reasonably dry but it is good if you top up your lips with a lip balm beforehand.

The lip lacquer gives extreme pigmented color considering that the product is water-like texture.

  • Very pigmented color
  • The packaging is twistable and easy to use
  • Soft tip
  • Available in various colors
  • Nice berry scent
  • Could be too dry in winter
  • Easy to disappear when consuming food but leave a nice hint color on lips
  • Pricey (18000 won)

I got extra time (not really, I always have extra time at home) so I was inspired by Lana del Rey "Tropico" album cover. I'm a big fan of her with her classic look and husky voice :D Though she seems to use white for the clothing and the photo is taken in the middle of the road with trees as background at NIGHT. So I thought that I'm not brave enough to do the same and I wanted to approach dark looking side and finally I choose to wore all black.

There are few photos that I took which I included a red hijab but it looks ugly so I decided not to add the photos here. It's my first time and it's self-taken with the help of camera's timer so please be kind..XD ( coz nobody is home to help me TT ) Moreover, I deliberately used a lighter shade of BB cream to give this porcelain white look but I know, I failed right away *sobs*

Original color. 

I thought the instagram filter turned my pic like the way I wanted..haha

Thank you for reading! If you have any more questions, let me know in the comment down below :)


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