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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

[REVIEW] A'pieu Pure Tint #Strawberry

Hello guys,
I think I'm in the mood in blogging this week so I probably will posted a review a day :D

So in my latest haul, I bought this tint from A'pieu which is selling pretty cheap in testerkorea. I've seen other tint product under A'pieu but since I'm not sure how it works on me so I only bought one to test it out.

Product Information ;

Name : A'pieu Pure Tint
Production : Made in Korea
Related Brand : Missha
Colors Available : Grapefruit (Orange) , Cherry (Red) and Strawberry (Light Pink)
Weight : 8g

I think the name is pretty simple.

Though it was on sale, it is a new production.

Came in a doe foot applicator attached with the cap.

On the bottle, the color look very intense but since it is a water type tint,
 it dissolves into the skin making it lighter in color.

 Left photo is one swipe and the right one is two swipes.

There are three color shades in this collection. I personally choose the Strawberry color 
because it looks natural on lips because the color supposed to be light pink.

Then, I actually forgot that it is a water type tint so I'm not pretty sure if it would give nice moisturising lips as Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint because of the texture that sips into the skin in seconds.

To my surprised, it does! Well, it's not much of moisturising but at least it wasn't drying 
like a lot of water tint type that I've tried.

The downside is just like other water type tint, this doesn't last long after a drink or so although the color is very pigmented after two swipes and it taste bitter too...urrghh ;(  But after it dries, it tastes sweet?lol

Other than that, it sips to my lip fine lines making it uneven in color.
It would rather suit people who had plumper lips more.

Overall, it's okay in color but the taste should be improve.

I rate this;

Thank you for reading and Happy New Year!!


Sample Hime said...

That's too bad this is a water soluble tint 'cause it looks so nice on you! I was hesitant to try this because all Korean lip tints seem to look the same when they're the liquid-y ones that only come in red, orange, and dark pink.

Btw I just posted your swatches you requested :)

Mizu said... doesn't looks that good TT
Yeah, almost all the Korean lip tint that I ever used, only Etude House Fresh Cherry works great among all. I think I better just stick with it

Thank you for the swatches! I saw your post ;D

LauraLeia said...

The packaging is cute, but I guess it works just more or less like most other lip tints out there. ^^;;
Btw, Happy New Year! :D

Mizu said...

Yeah, I think the same,

Owh..Happy new Year ^_^

Rini Cesillia said...

awww too bad that this lip tint is just like most lip tint out there: tastes bitter and doesn't last longer :(
maybe you can try Peripera Tint Glow Stick, I think the staying power is great XD

Happy New Year, Mizu ^^

Mizu said...

Owh, thanks for the recommendation :D
I'll look it up :D

Bijin Blair said...

Ughhh, I dislike lipglosses that leave an aftertaste. Such a shame because Pure Tint is really cute!

And how did you know that testerkorea was holding a sale? Did they announce it via their social media networks or do they have newsletters etc?

Mizu said...

I know, the taste is one of the bad side of the tint.

Oh, I don't think they announce it anywhere. I just happen to drop by at that time and saw the posters that they was having sales for a short period of time.

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