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Monday, December 30, 2013

[REVIEW] Skinfood Viva Waterproof Brush Pen Eyeliner #Black

Hey guys!
Today I'll be reviewing this eyeliner I just got from Skinfood. I'm actually drawn to brown eyeliner more but I'm not sure why every time I bought a new eyeliner, it is always black.

Anyway, let's get to the review
Product Information

Name : Skinfood Viva-Waterproof Brush Pen Eyeliner
Production : Made in Korea
Shades : Available in black and brown

I really love this type of eyeliner 

The color is really intense black.

The left picture is after I put my hand under the running water and 
the right one is after I rub off the middle line.

This is how it looks like on my eyes.

I really don't read reviews before I bought this so I just pray that it would works great and thank god it did!The color is very intense and I don't need to layer it much to obtain the dark black color.

The eyeliner claim itself to be waterproof and yes, it is waterproof but it is not rub proof. It is easily rub off when it is still wet but not when the liquid is dry.

For the brush tip, it is really soft and thin which it is can be use to draw a very thin line. 

The eyeliner can last on my oily eyelid for more than 6 hours although it might be 
a bit slightly rubbed if I put on a thick eyeliner. 

No strange smell from the eyeliner not even a slight.

No sparkles/glitters and it dries really fast after an application.

Overall, I really like this eyeliner. It is easy to use, travel wise and stays long on my eyes.

I rate this ;
*would be perfect if it isn't rub-proof..hehe*

Thank you for reading


Sample Hime said...

It looks really good! I am hesitant to try this pen kind because I am not used to doing my eyeliner holding the pen up like that. How long do you think this type of product will last--like will it dry up quickly?

Mizu said...

It really need some practice before I'll be able to use it completely. Since I've used this type of eyeliner for a long time so it is really easy to use now. This last for a really long time and it dries quickly too :D

LauraLeia said...

This eyeliner looks not bad. I wonder how the brown one will be like. XD

Mizu said...

Yeah, I think the same too :D

Rini Cesillia said...

i like how it doesn't contain any glitter and how black it is! maybe i should consider it after finish my clio liner ^^

Mizu said...

You should try .I might consider getting the brown too :D

miss ika said...

waww great review dear

Mizu said...

Thanks Ika :)

Rainy Days & Lattes said...

My friend got me this from Taiwan! I'm really excited to start using it. It looks really nice on you!

Mizu said...

Tell me is you like it :D

매리@bitterseoul said...

The brush pen eyeliner is a nice surprise,
I'd definitely want to check this out later.
Thanks for sharing. ^.^

Mizu said...

Please do, they are worth trying :)
You're much welcome :)

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