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Thursday, September 5, 2019

[REVIEW] Benton PHA Peeling Toner

I'm so excited to be back at blogging and of course the new Benton product!

They sent this PHA Peeling Toner to me for review purposes about 3 weeks ago so let's read what I thought about this product :)

If you aren't familiar with PHA, it is basically in the same team as those AHA and BHA but PHA molecules is bigger than those two so makes it more suitable to sensitive skin people. I've tried one product with PHA before and basically it suits me so well so I'm pretty excited about this one.

From Benton:

+ Contains Natural Moisturizing Factor, Chrysanthemum Extract and 3% of the third generation PHA (Lactobionic acid) which helps clear impurities and sebum secretion.

+ Minimum photosensitivity of PHA and it melts impurities on the skin while forming water barrier, leaving the skin smooth and clear.

+ Contains Sodium PA and Hyaluronic Acid which are Natural Moisturizing Factors, and Centaurea Cyanus Flower Water and Chrysanthemum Extract which are also known as natural moisturizing water or soothing water. These ingredients leaving leave skin moist by soothing and moiturizing skin that may become dry from removing dead skin cells and impurities.

+ The peeling toner is free of artificial fragrance, coloring, volatile alcohol, PEGs and other controversial ingredients. It is mildly acidic, dermatologically tested product which helps with sufficient moisturization, allowing even sensitive skin to exfoliate without burden.

Simple and clean design.

Pump bottle.

My thoughts:
+ I've been using this from the Day 1 it arrives until now and Benton specifically wrote that rather than using this everyday, 2-3 times a week is recommended or suitable frequency so that the toner could adapt to the skin properly. I'm using it 2-3 times a week or more since I find that it adapt to my skin quite well.

+ A cotton pad is suggested to be used with the toner so I didn't directly patting it on my face.

+ The toner is quite runny in consistency so it took quite an amount to soak my cotton pad and honestly I hate using cotton pad because it feels that I'm wasting product on the cotton pad more haha

+ Since the texture is quite runny and clear, it absorbs into my skin in seconds. Although it doesn't feels extremely moisturizing but I don't feel any tightness which is good. So it shows that it has the moisturizing properties despite the texture.

+ This toner is used as the the next step after I cleanse my face. I feel that my next step of skincare (e.g: serums, moisturizer, etc) absorbed much much much better after I applied on this toner. I was rather surprised because it usually took time for those skincare to be fully dry on face and honestly it shorten the time taken for me to finish my routines.

+There's little to none of fragrance with this toner. Most of the time I couldn't detect any and if I did, it did have the faint smell of AHA.

+ I had acne on the sides of my face and I sometimes use the cotton pad with toner soak in with aggression so sometimes it does irritate those parts so I recommend you to be careful on those areas or better, use patting motion on those areas and don't keep layering it on because it will irritate your acne.

+ Does my skin improved? I'm not so sure about this however, it did feel smoother and like I said, it helps in helping my skincare absorbed better.

+ One thing that I had complain with this toner is the pump bottle. I find that the texture is rather runny and this pump does not help at all. Most of the time the pump is too tight and when I try to pump the liquid, it keep spurting everywhere :l  I do hope than Benton can improve on the bottle's function or just put it in mist bottle. That would 100% helps.

+ Would I make a purchase? For now I think no because I love my Benton BHA Aloe Toner because it has everything I like especially that it is more moisturizing than this. However, I would use this as a side toner as interval to my current toner.

That's all, thank you for reading :)


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