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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

[REVIEW] Etude House Brush Shower Cleaner vs It's Skin Brush Cleanser vs Daiso Detergent

I became more aware of taking care of my brushes and puff/sponge after my knowledge about beauty increases since I start blogging. I never really cared about dirty sponge before this because of the lack of knowledge. My skin break out really bad the past two years and it alerted me of taking care of the hygiene of the tools that I used.

I originally bought the Etude House Brush Shower Cleaner(~RM39+) but it's running out so I bought the It's Skin Brush Cleanser(~RM10) and yesterday I bought this Puff and Sponge Detergent from Daiso(RM5)

It's Skin Brush Cleanser (240ml). This is from my previous haul.

 Etude House Brush Shower Cleaner (250ml). I bought this from ebay last year.

 Daiso Detergent for Puff and Sponge (80ml). I know about this when a reader of mine tell me where to get a cheaper cleanser for my brushes/sponges.

 I'm using the Etude House Brush Shower Cleaner here. The after photos is not completely cleaned yet as I wanted to show you how it works only for a few squeeze mix with the cleanser.  It does leaves a few more stain to remove so I wash it again with the cleanser for second time to remove it.
I love this cleanser because it smells really good like an expensive perfume. The smells doesn't fade away even after a few days of washing :D 

The texture is semi-thick and absorb really well into the sponge like water. So I don't take too long to start washing this. Other than that, it removes the bb cream/foundation from my sponge and brush really well too. Sorry that I don't have any pictures showing how good this is in cleaning my brushes but as I said, it works really good.

One thing that I dislike is that the bottle is pretty small (250ml) for the price(RM39+). I wish it would be bigger..:(

(sorry for the crumbly sponge, it's an old one)

 For It's Skin Brush Cleanser, I don't have any good thing to say about this. This cleanser is simply bad at removing stains and had a foul smell almost rancid. Just look at the picture, they do not do anything even after I squeezed and wash it for a few times using the cleanser.

It is light pink in color and it is as runny as water and works like water too..(means that normal water can't removes the stain completely). No wonder the price is cheap when I bought this and just one thing, don't ever buy this.

 Since the sponge did not properly cleaned with the It's Skin Brush Cleanser, I tried the Daiso Detergent that I bought.  The texture is thick almost like gel but it absorb really fast into the sponge and it doesn't take too much of the liquid to use.

I would say that this detergent is very good! It is even better than the Etude House because it removes almost 95% of the stain from the first wash! It makes me happy that I don't have to re-wash it again and again until all the stains are removed. For the smell, it has a very slight chalky scent but it doesn't stick with the sponge. I sniff this from the

I really recommend this if you're looking for a cheap brush cleanser with a great performance :D

This is the final look of the sponge. The Etude House still have some stains that can't be removed. Maybe the sponge are kept for too long without washing so the stain won't go away anymore. For the right is Daiso and see, no more stain. Everything was removed completely. I think I would just stick with this! :D

Have you tried any or know any cleanser that is cheap but works great?Please let me know if you do in the comment below :D


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