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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

[REVIEW] Etude House I'm Blooming Sebum Control Mist

I'm currently try to balance between my makeup and skin care because recently, I don't like to put much make-up onto my face and I think to focus on skin care more. Too bad the skin care that I aim is very expensive and not available locally plus credit card is needed to purchase them from overseas. My dad gives me permission to use his credit card but he gonna be mad if he knows I'm buying the expensive skin care..haha.. so I took another option by just trying other Korean and Japanese brands that I can access easily without credit

I saw this new I'm Blooming line by Etude House back then and one of the product is made from pure green tea which I've been looking for some time :D
I watched the JungSaemMol tips for oily skin -how to prep skin for oily skin- and they used pure green to replace the normal toner as a result of controlling the oil. Coincidentally, Etude House is releasing a product made by pure green tea so I grab it without hesitation(plus they promote it as organic too!)

The bottle is really huge for a mist which is 150ml! I thought it gonna be smaller than that :D
The packaging is all pink with cute small flowers details on the box. It is so cute <3

The previous mist I've tried, they have quite of a strong smell and some even have medicinal smell which I really hate. Mist supposed to be calming and doesn't have strong smell and this one hit that. It has no fragrance but somehow it leaves a nice fragrant while spraying ( though it's gone after seconds )

On the box, they says that this mist is produced from 95.9% of early summer green tea extract(Camelia Sinesis Leaf Extract) which balances out skin's moisture level for a moist inside with a soft, powdery outside.
Honestly, it doesn't feel powdery at all. If it does, then I'm gonna hate it. Lucky that it wasn'
The rest of percent are organic ingredients too so please check in the ingredients picture I captured above! 

The past month, I said that I don't really care much of my face and it actually turns very bad as I got pretty bad acne popping up 0.0 Just after my finals, I realized that it actually turns worser. I took a lot of time 'repairing' those problems on my skin last and this week and a part of the help came from this mist! I'm running out of my toner so I used this as a substitute. I'm glad that it actually helps! I got less break out and some of bigger pimples are even healed a bit. ( I don't use any acne medicine btw )

Other than that, I can see that slow down the produce of oil on my face. I can't say that it lessen my oil, it just I saw that the oil came out a bit later than the usual.

It has no colorant too as it is exactly like water, non-greasy, absorbs easily and makes my skin smoother after use :D

Overall, I really love this mist and wanted to try the Cleansing Water next!
*praying that there would be sales for that* lol


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