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Monday, June 10, 2013

[REVIEW] Etude House Precious Mineral Cotton Fit BB Cream SPF30/PA++ #Honey Beige

I previously said that the recent Etude House BB Creams breaks me out a lot if I do wear them for more than 3 hours and it is actually true. At first I guess it's maybe my diet is not proper so I have breakouts however, I've tried them few times and compare to other BB cream and found out that it was real.

Many have been asking me to review this for sometime and sorry that it was out late coz I'm not home for a month since the cream arrived. I don't intend to purchase this at first but since the site that I always shop do a crazy sales and I can't refrain myself from, this only cost me about RM29.90 whilst I guess this would cost around (+/-)RM69.90  in Malaysia.

Since I already bought this, so how about a review? I'm actually pretty excited to try this :)

Dented box caused by

The tube is squishier than any other Etude House BB cream tube..hehe

The blue words are so dim, I can't even took the picture properly..-.-

It's Paraben free, Artificial Dyes free and Benzophene free.
Well, I cannot read the Artificial dyes one but yes for other Kongrish

The ingredients list for you :D

Came in a pump as usual.

Oil test.

I choose the darkest shade in this line because I thought to mix it with my BRTC Jasmine Water BB but it actually came out right to my shade. Plus, I easily get tan when I get outside because the temperature now is 33C at my place and 37C in Perlis(I previously stayed) ..I'm dead..My mom even said I got darker by living there for a month :(

(similar lighting)

So here let me show you my super bare skin. This is the remaining pimples on my cheek that I was talking about in the previous post. Other parts are nearly healed so this is the last one. This happen because I neglected my face for about a month and yes, you finally can see my ugly skin. I just wanted to be honest and I think that my skin is better now compared to few years back. I'm glad that it improves a lot but it is actually hard to maintain if I don't take care of my diet properly.

In the photo, I applied the BB cream on top of it to test out the coverage. I think without these pictures, the reviews do not do justice and now you can actually see the difference. The BB cream seems to accentuate dry patches and fine lines. I actually forgot to include an picture of my under eye but the bb cream sift into the fine lines and make it more visible and I dislikes that.

Coverage is sheer but buildable. In the picture, I applied the BB cream with my fingers but it starts to look cakey so I had to use brush to help blend the bb cream completely. As you can see, it didn't cover much of my redness.For the texture, it is lightweight and the finish is matte. I don't really fancy matte texture right now because it can looks too cakey on my face so I prefer a bit of dewy texture since I had an oily skin.

Different from other Etude House BB Cream that I've tried, this one doesn't seem to have quite a strong smell, although it smells almost the same with each other. It doesn't bother me much as long as it is pleasant. The oil control is okay and last about ~3 hours or more. I can't say much because my skin depends on the weather and the food that I've eaten. If I do consume a lot of oily food, then it would be oilier than usual, if not then the bb cream could last about ~4 hours or more. Compared to Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream, I guess this got a bit better oil control :)

So overall, this BB cream is just okay for me.  I don't experience any break out yet because of this yet at this moment so that's good. It means that it suits my sensitive skin :)

Thank you for reading :)


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