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Friday, June 7, 2013

[REVIEW] Etude House Dear Girls Tint & Lip Balm

Etude House been releasing a lot of new collection recently and the latest one is the Color Pop Collection. Once again in that collection, the lip products are tempting me :D lol

Anyway, from Dear Girls collection, Etude House included a range from base make-up to lip products as a whole complete collection of face make-up without eyeshadows. The first one that attract me the most from this collection would be Cute Eyes Maker. I thought grabbing that instead of this at first but I changed my mind since I'm  not really sure if I could pull off the cute look with my big dark circles..haha XD

So this lip tint came with my haul that I posted last time. I really thought no one would care about me hiding those shop names but I do received a lot of messages until now.

Now back to the review ;

You can't even guess that this lip balm is actually very tiny!Like half of my pinky
but it doesn't have any tints with it so don't worry.

The size of the tint was normal but I'm a bit shocked to see how small the lip balm is! Surely I can't help but to laugh..XD ..Unlike other Etude House tints I've tried before, this one is more on the watery side. The tint spread easily and absorb really fast too. I once do few times swatch and realized that it was already too red o.o

Chapped lips! 0.0

Anyway, this is fully applied lip which means that I applied it to my whole lips. I'm not sure why, but whenever I apply tint, only the center will looks like it absorb more tint than the outer

I choose the strawberry pink(pink) not cherry red(red) this time because I wanted this color for so long..If you've ever tried the super famous Tony Moly tint, the one that before the Cat Chu Wink were released, they have two version with the same color too. Since I never tried the other pink one in their version, so this time, I literally wanted this color and it really does give the color that I imagine :D

As I said, this tint is very watery but thank god it does not leaking. The lip balm sure is small but it's very moisturising :) But the tint itself is not drying..Only with a few swipes, you'll get the same color as above or more bold than that.

It last the whole day for me without drinking or eating and it fade reasonably if I do but still leaves the stain on lips :D..Most of tint did not do color transfer so no worries.

If you wanted to know what makes a difference between the Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint and this one in terms of color payoff, this gives better color payoff than the Fresh Cherry Tint. If you would want to go for natural look, the fresh cherry tint might suit you.

Overall, I do love this and very satisfied with it!


LauraLeia said...

I saw this on Qoo10 too, and so tempted to get it because it has both the tint and balm! The colour is really pink! :D

Mizu said...

that was I thought too when i saw this!haha..and yes, it really does :D

Tiffany Elle said...

MY LIPS ARE THE EXACT SAME WAY!!! I can only absorb it in the center for some reason and I don't understand why! Weird!!! I thought I was the only one. I honestly don't like this tint because of that, and I feel like if I put on the lip balm I'm gonna break it cuz it's so thin. I should probably review this too huh, lol! Maybe this is good for ulzzang lips though since we can't seem to spread it lol!

Mizu said...

haha..every tint caused me this so gradient lips appear without
about the lip balm, i think the cap slide off too i have no problems about the lip balm itself..

Tiffany Elle said...

Yes, see I am worried about accidentally twisting the balm up while the cap is on and smashing it inside the cap >...> I can easily see this happening. I thought my tint would be more red but it's very pink like yours...maybe I should try the other one keke.

Mizu said...

you bought the cherry red?
hahaha..i thought of the same too while opening

Sam Bear | A Curiosity said...

nice haha I have the same one! It is a really nice colour pay off and I'm glad I got the pink one as it makes my lips look really vibrant!

Mizu said...

yes, i do agree! this gonna be m fav for sometime..hehe :D

Rini Cesillia said...

i really want to try this one just because of the super cute packaging >.<

Mizu said...

i know right! Etude house never failed in delivering those cute packaging! :D

The Serotinal said...

I think the idea of this is very efficient and cute! And you can also use them individually ^^ Thanks for the review!

Rossy said...

The color is super bold >.<
But the packaging is always cute ! :)

Mizu said...

u can always turn it down using lip concealer :D

jessa marie said...

nice blog! wanna follow each other? ^_^

Mizu said...

Thank u Jessa~

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