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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

[HAUL] Etude House Princess Etoinette Winter Limited Collection

Hey guys, first of all Happy New Year to all of you!
I hope 2013 will be better than the previous years~

Last Monday I went to the college office and retrieved my parcel that arrived last week.
I'm not sure when it was arrived since the office would never inform such things so I drop by there only by instinct..

I was surprised to see my that Etude House Etoinette orders arrived!(That was fast actually)
I bought this with different seller since I bought the most cheap I can find for the collection.

I bought a rose brush with seller named "Sweetbox" and the rest 4 items with the seller named "Pretty Shop" since both of them got quite good reputation. You can search their shop on qoo10.

So here are the products that arrived! *excited*

I'm sorry for the no-good quality pictures since I'm using the old cam right now so I probably do the review on this coming Chinese New Year holiday..

Originally I ordered the Etoinette Rose brush, Crystal Blusher, Crystal Powder, Crystal Shine Lip and Brush Set. The "Pretty Shop" seller unfortunately sent me wrong item(rose brush), missing items(blusher&powder) and wrong shade of lipstick(PPK003 should be POR202)..So how many the mistakes are there? I was quite disappointed but I'm currently waiting for their answer about this problem. Hope this will be able to solve soon.

Aside from that, the collection is really pretty! Even my friends were fascinated by this collection. I know that I don't really need all of this but I can't resist the cuteness! Thank god I actually saved a lot for this :D

The lipstick smell is different from other Etude House lipstick before because it had some kind of rose scent..I think(?)..Sorry, but I'm really bad at describing smells..The brush collection pouch is really cute with those lace designs and actually the lip gradation brush surprised me a bit. It isn't a brush but it looks like a tiny angled sponge(?). It's quite new to me coz this is my first time seeing such brush type. The rest of the brushes are really soft and fluffy since it was made from goat hair.

I'm gonna review more about this collection later in specific posts!Please wait for them!

I joined my fellow blogger, Kiyoko giveaway HERE coz I really want to try the Wishtrend Christmas Box!


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