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Sunday, January 27, 2013

[REVIEW & PHOTOS] 'The Skin Shop' Skin Editor V Rhythm presented by 2AM

Feels like greeting you in Korean :D

So yeah, last 2-3 months, I joined a contest by The Skin Shop, though it's my second time, and I did won for the second time!oho..It's just they aren't too many contestant entered plus I did gave my all into the blog posts I made for the contest! Thanks to The Skin Shop for giving me an opportunity to try your latest inventions!

I felt so guilty because I delay this post for too long since they asked the winners to review the prizes in their blog(although if they didn't ask, I'll still make one for sure). I'm not sure about other winners' prizes since I only saw my photos posted on their facebook page but BijinBlair did a review on this before :)

Basically this auto vibration make up puff is a helper to apply BB cream or foundation on your face.I don't want to introduce the brand and product again as I did so for two times here and here. You can click the link to know more :D

Placed properly in the box!

Egg-shape! Personally I did asked for this type instead the V Sense since this is so cute! <3

It may looks big here but it is about palm in size and really light!

Very soft puff!

Just take off the puff if you wanna change it :D

The battery~

 Extra puffs <3 <3 <3

The vibrator and puffs comes in a set so you can change the puffs anytime. I'm happy
 because they gave quite a lot of quantity of puffs instead of just two. 

I received this about 2-3 months ago and since that, I've been using this for every single day. 
I know that some might says that using puffs/sponge consume a lot of foundation/bb cream than using fingers and brushes but hey, it's worth it because the application is far more better! Besides, this type of puff doesn't consume lots of the cream like other puffs available outside.

Watched the video? She is showing the difference using this vibrator puff with other method. Clearly the BB cream applied using this auto vibrator looks clean and better than the other two options.

Do you know that fingers application actually exaggerate pores? It is because fingers can't penetrate your pores, leaving the heavy cream and uneven application on skin :(
It is different for this auto vibrator because the puff vibrate onto your skin and makes the foundation/ bb cream cover your pores for even application.

The results might not very clear in picture but if you can see it, the fingers application almost looks cakey compared to the auto vibrator puff application which looks more cleaner :D

I'm sorry that I'm not be able to post the full photos of my face because I see no difference in pictures no matter which angle I took because of lighting I think(?). So this is the best shot I can give.

I also test it out on my hands and the results shown are very similar when I test it out on my face.

Overall, I really love this vibrator which gives great application result for my make-up and it is so easy to use. I don't have to use my fingers anymore to apply my foundation :D

I love this because it gives even application, it is so easy to use and the vibration puff is really light.
Besides, it prevents my foundation from being cakey and it makes the finish looks clean with dewy finish :D

Test it out yourselves and you'll see the difference :)

Like The Skin Shop facebook page and for more information regarding this great invention~
Thanks for reading loves! <3


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