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I'm Mizu and a beauty blogger from Malaysia since 2010. I'm very passionate in beauty and addicted to Korea Cosmetics. I love making friends all over the world besides enjoying mangas and animes.

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Friday, January 11, 2013

[HAUL] Etude House Princess Etoinette Part.2 + Leader's Insolution Masks~ isn't exactly the part.2 of the actually the second box I received due to the missing items which I wrote it here.

I don't wanna say contacting the seller again was easy since I got their replies after 2 days. After I replied they back, I received their reply the next day saying that they'll sent me again the items.

After a week, I didn't received any updates nor messages from them about the parcel status and I even contact them again to ask for the status. However, I received no replies. Then today, I thought I'm gonna drop by the college office checking any new parcel that might be for me and yes, there are! I mean there are two parcels and I never thought that one of the parcel was my Etoinette Collection!I only realized that when I saw the sender name :)

The box was kinda large I tell you..because they re-sent the Etoinette Brush Collection too!hmm..I think you might not understand so take a look at this picture ;

Yes, I got two sets of Brush Collection, two Rose Brush, two lipsticks..
the Rose brush and the lipstick are sent the other day and I clearly told them that I received the brush collection and they sent that again!Poor them.. coz that Brush collection is a lot of $$$??!!

I don't know if I'm actually lucky or something..( and actually this kinda makes me happy, I'll settle that with the seller soon( if they replied me..hahaxD)

one sad news : Sandara Park is no longer Etude House female endorser..I'm so sad but I'll still continue buying Etude products but I won't be enjoying watching their ads anymore as much as I love every Sandara ads for her cheekiness :(

This is my most favorite face wash ever for acne..It controls the growth of the acne and don't let me break out..tehee :D This is my second tube. I've tried three travel size tube too.. :)

I bought these Leader's Insolution masks from qoo10 on December 4th..I don't know why it took so long to arrive and the seller doesn't even reply me when I ask them about the parcel. Thankfully it arrives this week and I don't have to worry about contacting them again.. Both energy masks are kinda cheap but the rest of them priced as okay because the masks is kinda level up from the energy mask..

I leave you with this picture..hehe..~

that white thing isn't exactly that 'creepy' thing..
it's a girl and she's walking in front while I'm taking

My college got contest for an event and they're doing China theme for my block.
The most countries seen are Korea(I expect this for sure, and there is a block do the Oppa Style - guys, Japanese( they're doing yakuza styles - guys again), Arab and India.


LauraLeia said...

Super love your Etude House haul! :D <3

Huong said...

Love Etude House products :)I definitely want this collection

Mizu said...

Are you going to buy them?

Mizu said...

Yes, you should be getting this!!

anyajang said...

Im using Etude House AC foam now, but it doesnt help me much :(

Nana said...

Wow! Etude is so pretty!

Mizu said...

really? i tried all the EH Acne skin care and only this face wash works for me..
I notice that coz everytime I stop using this, my acne pop out again..
though i'm still searching a the most suitable ones for me..

Mizu said...

yes, they are!thanks for your visit nana :D

DanitzaGalvez said...

I'm also sad for the going out of Sandara :< for me She represented excellently Etude House! but well... I like the cute image of Sulli and I'm happy and relief that SHINee keeps sponsoring Etude House.
And I'm a little confused with your haul but apparently they send the wrong items again :/ poor little seller because the Princess Etoinette line is quite pricey :/ hehe ^^U

I hope you enjoy your new sttufs Mizu hehe xD
Have a nice day!!n___n

Mizu said...

yea..agree...i love Sandara so much becoz she's so adorable >_<

i did not offend sulli and krystal for the new model but their past news making me hard to accept them as the new endorser though TT

Actually the seller sent the correct items in the 2nd box and they mistakenly send again the brush collection that they previously sent to it means i had an extra brushes then..(yea..i thought this post is kinda

thank you hun!

The Unprofessional Beauty Blog said...

Love this new collection from Etude House. The packaging is so lovely.

Mizu said...

true!it's so pretty~ :D

Eve said...

Hey, I'm wondering how good the rose brush it and how much was it?

Mizu said...

hmm..i would say it's not as soft as Sigma brushes but it is quite okay for me.
and it is about RM40..I'm selling another one Rose brush becoz I had two of them(new for sure).So if you're interested, I'm selling it for a cheaper price :D

Bethany said...

I'm still curious as to the quality of the brush set. Sorry to hear you're still dealing with somewhat unprofessional sellers. >~< Always a risk we have to take.

Mizu said...

The brush is quite soft but it might had a bit of scratchy feelings i think..(not as good as Sigma's)

It's okay though..actually it quite a problem but they actually sent me two extra items..that something i should be happy

Bethany said...

Ohh, okay, I thought they might ask you to post them back or something. xD

Mizu said...

haha..they didn't..:D things i forgot to mention that the brush set is better than the rose brush since it doesn't feel scratchy...

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