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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

[REVIEW] KATE Powderless Liquid for COVER & KATE Lasting Base for COVER

Sorry that I haven't posted much in these few weeks because I'm too busy with 
assignment plus a new hobby of

Last two weeks I managed to drop by Watson to restock some products because I ran out most of those needy items. I saw KATE shelves and I remembered that they had a new collection launch last year and I've been targeting the products since then. Initially, I thought it wasn't available since KATE Malaysia facebook said I can't get the new products there. To my surprise, the new collection are there on the shelves so I just grab them on!

My first experience with KATE is when I won SaSa giveaway for KATE products and since then, I've been their fan because I really love every products that I've tried especially their base and foundation combi!
In this collection, it was said that the foundation finish is powdery and it absolutely captured me becoz I love powdery finish because it won't be too dry like matte.

Along with the foundation, I also grabbed their new base product. It was a tad smaller than I imagined compared to the ads photos. So I was in between whether to grab it or not but then after trying the tester on shelves, it was pretty good though..

Note that the base only available in one color.

quite small version..

sorry coz it's a bit dirty with my fingerprints..haha

the size are about the same and almost the same size as my palm.

the foundation almost turns to powder!

i mix both of the colors :D

(click picture for larger view)

I used my Dolly Wink eyeliner in black and brown to show to the different before and after used. The base is very very sheer and the foundation coverage is sheer to medium. It didn't cover up my redness fully but improved my skin color the most and conceals minor flaws. This almost looks like tinted moisturizer but with powdery finish.

I usually layer up the base first and then I follow up with the foundation. The base is a bit moist so it does a good job balancing with the powdery finish of the foundation. Sometimes my skin can be too dry after I wash my face so I usually mix up the foundation with my Hada Labo lotion because too avoid the foundation ended up being cakey.

After 1 week of trying both of this combination, I would say that both of them really did a great job and I personally love the base because it gives color to my dull skin. However, it is not waterproof and it doesn't hold my face make-up to stay longer. I could say that it lengthen the time for my make-up to stay better than wearing the foundation alone so this means that wearing both is a must or at least another base that you likes may make your make-up to stay.

For the foundation, I could say that it stays about 2-3 hours on my face with the help of the base. I rarely wear the foundation alone so it could be the base extended the time about 1 hour or so. However, I dislike one thing about this foundation is the thing that it settles into the fine lines. I used to laugh a lot and when my face is at rest, I could see the laughing lines of the foundation. It could be that my skin is oily and it became like that because I notice that it didn't happen every time but only on the day where I feels my skin is too oily.

The finish of the base is not powdery but a bit moist and the foundation finish is powdery like KATE cosmetics said. It turns powdery in 15 seconds according to them and yes, it is true. In fact I didn't have to use any powder to set my make-up because it is already does that part.

There are about 6 shades available to choose if I'm not mistaken and this OC-D is really the perfect color for my skin. I usually having a hard time choosing the right color of foundation because when I test them out, some colors might looks okay but sometimes it can be too dark or too white compared to my skin. I do not want to look like I'm wearing much make-up for my everyday looks and this foundation really helps me to achieve that way.

Overall, both of them are definitely a good try to those who didn't want heavy foundation on skin because they're very light and I feels like I'm not wearing make-up at all.
Currently Watson are having sales and most of KATE products do have 10% off for their old and new products so grab them fast! You also can visit KATE Malaysia facebook to get a RM10 coupon to purchase this new collection from KATE! Lucky you because I don't even know this coupon exist before I bought these cuties :D

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