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Monday, December 28, 2015

[REVIEW] HERA Age Reverse Cushion SPF38/PA+++

Hi sweeties!

Today I'll be reviewing this HERA Age Reverse Cushion with SPF38/PA+++ that I got from W2Beauty :D If any of you are following my facebook page, you must be confuse about this since I initially put this up for sale because of the SEPIVINOL matter. However, after done my research here and there, I decided not to sell it and use it for myself. I'll explain further in the review below. By the way, the price of this is quite costly so I thought nobody would want to buy this anyway XD

and oh, special thanks to my parents for the flowers! I usually use those fake flowers as a side deco for my pictures but thanks for having parents that works in agriculture section, I got a few of beautiful flowers pots from their office :D <3

Skin type : Suitable for all skin types.
Content : 15g
Usage : Day/Night, last for 12 months after opening.
Colors : 4 colors (C21 Pink Vanilla Cover, C23 Beige Cover, N21 Pink Vanilla Natural and N23 Beige Natural)
Price : £ 45.62 , buy HERE

The packaging is so sleek, I LOVE IT!

I don't understand the Korean words in this picture however, it was a sticker that protected the lid? I don't know what's the real function of the sticker on the lid however I guess it was for extra hygiene. The dirt on the lid is of course from the puff which I already used.

Note : Different lighting so it looks a bit more purple here.

Unlike the other cushion, this cushion is protected by a foil instead or normal sticker on top. 

It's packed with content :D

I can say that this color looks closer to the real color on the cushion.

Comparison between Laniege Pore Control BB Cushion and HERA Age Reverse Cushion in color. They both almost look similar however HERA Age Reverse Cushion C23 is a little bit lighter in color than Laneige Pore Control BB Cushion No.23.

You can change the refill like any other cushion with the same way.

It is actually a dark purple in color.

With refill :)

Two languages pamphlet, English and Korean. 

Full list of ingredients, credit to

Main ingredients:

Glycoprotein water: As sap from new sprout of birch, it is a natural moisturizing ingredient rich in collagen that's safe to use on the skin with outstanding anti-oxidative and anti-aging effects.

SEPIVINOL™: excellent anti-oxidative polyphenol from extracts of high-quality wine produced in a time-honored vineyard in Cotes Du Rhone, Bourgogne, France.

Before anybody questioned me about the wine extract, either it is halal or not, here are some explanation to the red wine extract, cited from (SOURCE) ; "The current process, commonly called red wine extract formula, takes the ingredients through fermentation and then removes the alcohol."

There is also another cited description (SOURCE) "The negative effects of red wine are primarily due to the alcohol content, which would not occur with the red wine extract (alcohol content of 0.08% in the extract versus 12 to 14% in red wine)."

According to fatwa (SOURCE), "...any quantity of alcohol that does not exceed the amount of 0.5% is not intoxicating" and "...considered halal because even if it is made from wine it has undergone fundamental process of transformation through certain chemical changes that is called “Istihalah” in Islamic law. So, the ruling of wine does not apply to it anymore and we are still allowed to use it"

From the above description, I believe that the ingredient is safe to use and I have asked a few people over this matter and they're all agree that I can use it. However, it is based on your faith, once you believe that it is not halal, then you cannot use this because it will be haram for you. 

I really love using products that are created for aged people such as wrinkles and such although I myself still in my twenties. It's because I think early care is better than later and that's why I chose this HERA Age Reverse Cushion which targeted people around 30 and above.

I've used this for about 2 weeks now and I totally love it. Just like I've heard, this cushion gives more coverage than any other cushion especially the ones that I've tried (Etude, Innisfree Long Wear, Laneige Pore and W.Lab BB Cushion). It does cover redness quite well if you looked in this picture below.

(Yeay for those new pimples = =")
This is only one layer of cushion and I usually put more layers on top for more coverage.

The texture of the cream is not too thick nor too runny and I guess it's almost similar to the Laneige Pore Control BB Cushion. The finish is more dewy than any cushion that I've tried.  One thing that I noticed is that after the cushion oxidizes, it gives a healthy glow to my skin and I really love it. My mom and grandma keeps asking of what did I wear to make my skin looks like that and I said it's this HERA cushion and they didn't believe me XD. Seriously I'm not lying, because other than primer(which I rarely put on), I only applied cushion on my skin and done. 

The color is slightly lighter than my skin because the Laneige Pore Control BB Cushion in No.23 is my perfect match. However, it depends, when my skin gets a little lighter, then the Laneige ver might be a little dark for me so the HERA ver might suit me the best since these two are almost similar in color.

Skin types that suits this the best would be Dry to Normal skin, however, for someone who had an oily skin like me, you might have to blot once or twice in a whole day and when blotted, surprisingly the cushion didn't actually disappears especially on the nose. Living in a hot weather country might be one of the factor why I have to blot the excess oil. Considering that I only have to blot twice in a whole day means that the oil control is pretty great, or it might be only me. It is because I've tried this for about two weeks and my max blotting times are only two times.

Although my skin is quite oily, I still have dry patches around the nose and this is always troubling me because no matter how moisturizing my skincare is, any kind of makeup on top will accentuate them after a long hours and it applies for this cushion as well. However I'm glad that it didn't come to that until a few hours later especially with this on since it's dewy.

I would say that this C23 color didn't look as natural because it is more to coverage. If you're looking for a more natural finish, then check out the other color, N21 or N23 because it might look more natural than C21 or C23.

Regarding the puff, I would say that it feels different than other cushion because it's not like air puff(?) since it feels a little bit more dense than that. It picks up the product very well and it doesn't look like it absorbs the most of the product I dab on and I think it's quite nice since it doesn't waste the product.

Overall, I love this cushion although I'm yet to see the "age reverse" function. I'm glad that it gives great coverage to the skin. I really recommend this cushion to anyone who likes coverage and dewy finish.

and before someone request a full face picture, here you go. Most of my blemishes are well-covered.

I rate this:

If you have any questions to ask, simply leave a comment below or mail me.

Thank you for reading :)


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