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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

[REVIEW] Etude House Princess Happy Ending Lipstick

Hello sweeties!
Today I present you the latest Etude House x Disney Collaboration and that is the Princess Happy Ending lipstick! Well, I have to say that mine is only the purple one and the red one is my friend's. I only borrowed her lipstick just for the picture..hehe :)

In this collection, Etude released about the same colour as the Minnie lipsticks but they included along bb cream, blushers, mascara, glitter eyeshadows and nail colours in this collection. I have to say the first item in the collection that caught my eyes is the glitter eyeshadow and I'm intended to buy it but for some reasons, I only get only two items in the collection which is the mascara and this lipstick. Lately I'm on the saving mood, which I would reveal/never reveal out later..haha..So that's why I didn't shop that much if you're following me on my instagram.

Anyway, as usual, this was purchased from Testerkorea. I know there are some bad reviews about them, but though, those bad things never happened to me and instead I'm always happy with their service, replying e-mail, adding items and such and they never failed to reply me in time. I wish they would continuously serve me in the right way.

Product Information:
Name : Princess Happy Ending Belle Lipstick
Brand : Etude House
Production : Made in Korea
Purchased from : Testerkorea
Price : 9,000 won each

Cute!If I have to choose, the Snow White packaging attract me more than Belle~haha

I want so much more than they've got planned?..?

The ingredient list for Belle. I don't think the varies much in the ingredients list and I have to admit, Etude House ingredients are always so long..haha

The colours looks perfect side by side and I really thought the red colour was actually prettier in real. Should I get one? But I'm afraid that red will make me look old..

The right one is one layer of swipe and the left one is two layers of swipes.

The formula for this lipstick is really moisturising. It doesn't cause tugging while applying and it easily glide on the lips even for dry lips like mine. There is a hint of sweet flowery scent to it but it wasn't strong but still, I love it.

The colour as you can see is very pigmented. With only 1-2 swipes, the colour can turn out pretty bold. I don't always wear bold colours because I'll look old T_T but those who love bold pigmented colours would love this lipstick.

The colour is purplish pink but more to purple or plum. I think this is my first purple lipstick and I think the colour is quite pretty. Maybe I would not wear it full lip next time, just do a gradient lip would be fine I guess.

I also don't think that this lipstick would melt easily like what happened with my Princess Etoinette lipstick. Yeah, in case you didn't know, most of my Etoinette lipsticks have melt and broke..;(
Possibly because Malaysia is too hot..

One more I would like to add, this lipstick is so hard to remove. I tried using water as usual to remove the lipstick but it was resistant compared to other Etude's lipsticks.

Overall, it's a nice lipstick to try. The most appealing part for me would be on how moisturising it was :)

sorry, did I look like a creep?It's the first time my brother is willing to help taking pictures of me so hopefully this doesn't look bad.. (btw, I'm wearing Belle lipstick in this picture )

Thank you for reading :)


Frl Schnee said...

I bought these two lippies, too, and I really love the pigmentation and color of both. By the way I don't think you look creepy with bold lips :) I'll make a review soon, too, I'm just a bit lazy at the moment to edit the images XD

meishenmeweishenme said...

Thank you for reviewing !!
packaging is so good but because i think the bold colour range wont suit me I passed by ^^

cindy tong ( said...

the packaging is just too pretty..sadly i no longer buy etude house lipstick!!because they are too pigmented to be removed entirely!

Mizu said...

Yeah, this one is kinda hard to remove too ;(

Mizu said...

I wish I actually chosen the red one too!haha..

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