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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

[REVIEW] Etude House Princess Happy Ending Jasmine Proof Shockcara

Hello dearies, this is the second item in the Etude House Princess Happy Ending Collection that I bought. The theme this time is Princess Jasmine! Because I really wanted to portray the book-kind-of packaging that this mascara have, I decided to use my stash of mangas. You probably have read my short profile up there, I'm a bit otaku myself so I collect lots of mangas since high school but I don't have any figurine coz my mom would kill me..haha 

Product Information:
Name : Princess Happy Ending Jasmine Lash Perm Proof Shockcara
Brand : Etude House
Production : Made in Korea
Net Weight : 0.35 oz./10g

I want to try to do a gimmick photos and so I did! Those were my old mangas collection, 1/5 of it. XD

Curvy wand with spikes.

A bit different in lighting, sorry..

The name is pretty similar with the original Lash Perm Shockcara and I expected it to perform the same and have the same wand. I wasn't looking much when buying this coz I'm in need of mascara (though I lately using lesser and lesser mascara) because the only one mascara in my storage seems to be running out.

I was totally wrong because it may look the same based on the packaging itself but the other criteria that I thought the same, were not. For example, the wand itself is very different from the original shockcara. The original one looks like a straight comb with spikes but this one is more like curvy comb. Honestly I would prefer the straight comb coz it's thin and easily reach out to the corner of my eyes but the curvy version is not so bad either although I need some time to practice between thin and thicker comb. 

The original shockcara claims that it waterproof but it is actually not coz it simply removed with water so I was expecting this to do the same. The first time I tried the mascara is on the day where I ran out of my makeup remover and I thought the mascara got no problem to remove with water but I was wrong, this shockcara version is super waterproof!It didn't even budge when I try to remove it with soap or water so I got panic for a while,haha. Thank god I got my pure olive oil with me so it helps me to remove the mascara.

The only colour available for this version is black. The mascara seems to dried on the lashes quite fast too although it might look a bit watery on the tube but it wasn't as wet as it looks when putting on the eyes.

But the downwards of this mascara or maybe I shouldn't call it downwards yet, is that, it doesn't work to add the volume to the lashes although it does the lengthening part well. It doesn't help in curling either but I am not expecting much for the curling part. Like the original shockcara that I've tried, it wasn't too much into my liking at first because it's clumpy and doesn't add much volume to the lashes but later then, it started to perform really well after 4-5 times of trying because I could see the volume starts to add up and it wasn't clumpy as it's first performance.

Overall, I liked the mascara the way it is and still waiting for the day that it will fully works in terms of adding volume..haha but the most plus point for this mascara is that it is super waterproof!Yeay~

My rating :

Thank you for reading! I'm out for the whole day today and just be able to post this. Any questions, let me know in the comment down below or e-mail me.


Mizu said...

yeah, etude never fails when creating super cute product's packaging :)
I totally agree with you, volumising sounds better than lengthening.

Sonya C. said...

That packaging is too adorable! I love how it's shaped like a storybook. It looks great. And waterproof formulas are all really hard to get off, but I've never tried olive oil before. Thanks for the review!

Mizu said...

Because of the oil content in the olive oil that makes it be able to remove the waterproof mascara. Plus, it is good for the skin and eyelashes as well :D
Thanks for dropping by :)

aisyahdecullen said...

Omgg!! You just made me really excited to go check out Etude House! I haven't been there in ages! Have no idea they have this exciting princessy collection out!

Lots of mascara doesn't seem to do much in the volumizing department, especially for thin asian lashes.. :( read a tip somewhere. Try powdering your lashes a bit, and THEN apply coats of mascara. The powder will act as something for the mascara formula to cling on. Haven't tried it myself but will do.

visit my blog:

Mizu said...

I'm not sure if this collection have made into the local Etude House yet because new collection might take 1-2 months to arrive here. I bought this on9 from Korea so I got this faster. Powdering might help increasing the volume but I think it might look clumpy and I always wanted to do something faster so that might take time..haha

Otherwise, I'm afraid that the power formula will stick onto the wand and cause the mixture of it with the formula. That would be no good..
Anyway, thanks for the tip and take time to visit and leave a comment :)

wunderstar said...

I love Disney! It's awesome that Etude House partnered with them since they always have the cutest designs.

Mango said...

Girlllll you're blessed with such long lashessssssss you don't need volume! Kekeke love this mascara! followed you on GFC, would love it if you could follow back!!! I'm currently hosting an Etude House Giveaway (literally 1-step Giveaway) on my blog so if you have time please hop on and join in! Mwah!!

xoxo, Mango ❤

Freebie Giveaway!

Mizu said...

haha..coz I always wanted them to be in super black in colour coz otherwise it won't be too visible. Thank you for the invite, I'll check it out :)

aisyahdecullen said...

Oh, you're right about the mixing up of formula. I didn't think of that :O But it may be minor because it's just a light coating (just dust a little face powder while you're mattifying your face). May I know what is the website? Is it Qoo10? That website takes forever!

Blackswan said...

Lovely review, dear! Honestly, I haven't tried anything from Etude House. Happy holidays! xoxo

Mizu said...

Thank you :)
Do try them out! :)

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