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Sunday, December 21, 2014

[REVIEW] Clio Lipnicure -Glass- No.3 and No.6

Hi! My blogging skills were kinda rusty because it has been 2 months since my last update. I'm so sorry for neglecting this blog for so long. Not my intention, really. I'm glad that I finally came to my sense now, lol

Anyway, I'll be reviewing this Clio Lipnicure -Glass version- that I received few days ago from my little haul with testerkorea. I haven't shopping that much for beauty products lately coz I'm kinda broke after shopping for tons of clothes XD 

This is Clio new improved Lipnicure that claimed to be "specially developed to provide extreme long-lasting effect and high intensity colors with a glass-like smooth finish with a single touch on lips" . I love the the glass-claimed since it provide better moisture than the previous released lipnicure.

I got myself two colours that I like from the promo picture. 

Love the applicator. It's so easy to use and the tip can make precise line around the lip shape :)

 Swatches for both, honestly, this swatches picture is the real colour of the lipnicure in the bottle.

I'm sad to say that both lip swatches doesn't do any justice to the real swatches. I tried capturing several photos of the lip swatches but non seems to portray the nearest colour or the exact one but I assure you, the hand swatches that I made looks like the real one that match colour of the liquid in the bottle.

Having said that, my real lip swatches doesn't looks like the colour in the bottle. Then, I realize that this lip colour changes based on what lip colour you have like most lipstick out there. I have a pale dark pink lip to begin with so the final colour on my lip is red. No.3 looks like a bright red with a hint of orange and the No.6 is a middle dark red with a hint of nude. So I guess the real colour would show up much better on those with the Korean light pink lips(reference)

For the lasting hour, I already expected it to be not really long lasting because I've seen a review on a few Korean blogger before and yup, to those who not know anything, you might have a high expectation on this to be long lasting like the original lipnicure. It might stay really well throughout the day on lips without you drinking or eating but it easily disappear when you do. 

For this glass version, they did not claimed it to be stainless as it didn't. This lipnicure is like a normal lipstick that will leave stain on straws or glass when you drink, so don't expect it to perform the same with the original lipnicure.

There is a slight scent to these lipnicure but it is slightlyyy stronger on the No.3 than No.6. I don't know what to describe the smell and not sure if it pleasant or not but it will disappear later on anyway.

Despite all these negativeness, I really like the fact that it doesn't dry out. My lips were fully moisturised for 2 hours after applying and it gradually went half matte few hours later but I still like it because it doesn't fully dry out my lips for more hours after that considering how dry my lips can be on normal days.

Other than that, I love the finish because it is velvety smooth and the liquid doesn't sink to my lip lines even after it half dry. It is not sticky either.

On final note, I'm kinda disappointed coz it doesn't show the real colour on my lips but that because of my true lip colour, I don't blame the lipnicure. I still like these two especially the No.6 because it matches my skin tone really well and makes my skin looks brighter :D

Thank you for reading! I hope to blog more soon :)

I rate this;


Anyss said...

The color looks good. I thought the picture you show above is your lips. Hehe, thanks for the review

Mizu said...

Oh, which one? The picture that shows all 6 colours?
Haha, sorry to confuse you, that picture was taken from Clio promo pictures.

Arya De Guzman said...

welcome back. I thought this lipnicure will not stain when I drink, that would be cool and I don't have to re aaply throught the day

Mizu said...

Thank you :)
Yeah, totally right. It would be great if it doesn't stain. I guess the original lipnicure are better on that.

Nyxie said...

Welcome back! Oh wow these colors are so gorgeous, i really like number 3. Though it is a shame that they don't have such a long lasting power but I guess it's not that much of a hassle to reapply it? Either way I really like the look of this product

Mizu said...

Thank you hun :)

Um, I might rephrase it wrong but this version do have lasting power but it'll disappear if you drink or eat. If you don't, then it'll stay nicely on the lip.
But yes, it doesn't take much hassle to reapply since the texture is very smooth :)

Frl Schnee said...

The colors look great on you lips although they look similar on the pictures. The swatches show the differences more clearly. I didn't like my lipnicure (matte) because it ended up to get flaky after 2 hours on my lips and it looked aweful...probably it is also a matter of color...the glossy ones will be better in this point I guess. Thanks for the review and I hope to read more of your reviews in near future :)

Mizu said...

I know right, the lip swatch looks similar to each other. Probably I should do another lip swatches..

Oh, I didn't get a chance to try the previous lipnicure and never thought it would be that bad. I'll try them when I get the chance.

Thank you for reading too :)

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