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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Sulwhasoo in Malaysia?

Yeah, you heard that right! 

Sulwhasoo, Korea’s No. 1 Super-Awesome-Skincare-Brand-for-Older-Woman. If you loves Korean beauty products, then you must have across this names for a few times! And so do I. Since they're considered a luxury brand which you can only found in huge mall's private counter, you can't expect the price are any lesser than SK-II.

But the good news is Sulwhasoo is debuting this May in Malaysia! wow..I seriously never thought they would be expanding their business outside of Korea but it is not bad at all as I'm also a part of secret fan of this brand though my age can't be compared to 'suitable' person to be targeted for this brand as well as my mad penny pocket..haha

The first two counters involved are Parkson Pavillion, KL and Parkson Gurney Plaza, Penang. You may not want to missed the opening event I guess? Though I'm not very sure when is the exact date. But just be alert if you lives near to these two locations.

You may wonder what's so good about this brand anyway?
They used traditional Korean beauty ingredients/herbs like ginseng..etc.
and their bestseller are First Care Activating Serum and Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream.

I'm excited, what about you?


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