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Monday, September 16, 2013

[REVIEW] Etude House Rosy Tint Lips #7 Tea Rose #8 After Blossom

Hi! So we met again :)
As I said on my facebook page, I will be reviewing the Rose collection that I bought few days straight so here is the part.2!

and umm..I'm so sorry for the lack of rose here..I can't find any decent color of rose which should match the burgundy theme color so I made a DIY of an unknown flowers from the kit that I bought from Mr.D.I.Y. It is actually pretty tough to make them since the instruction is so bad and I don't know what to follow here are the flowers that I made myself?lol

Back to the products, the first time I saw the Etude House Korea facebook page posted this photo on their timeline included with full swatches, I already fall for it. Though the packaging of the tint is not my cup of tea but the swatches of colors are so beautiful so I'm sold. I intend to buy all the 8 colors but the price is too high(plus I bought almost the whole collection) so I took 2 out of 8 colors as a result.I keep telling myself that I have a few pink colors with me so I deducted all those colors related to pink..haha

So here are the two colors, No.7(Tea Rose) and No.8(After Blossom)

 The amount of the liquid that was squeezed out is so tiny!haha

First top on the left is the No.8 After Blossom and the right top is No.7 Tea Rose.
The bottom one is my attempt of creating another gradient lip but why did the color turn out to be the same as Aritaum Cushion tint that I reviewed previously though it isn't supposed to be like that. I hate it when my swatches doesn't came out better in photos :(  
Note : All photos are enlargeable so click them for better view.

I wanted to say this for a lot of times, this collection are totally cute! Though the tube design is not really suit to my like but at least the box are really gorgeous with the rose design on the top <3

So we start with the negatives first. Though my reason for not liking the tube because it's not cute at all, there is another reason for that. The tube is really dense as I have to squeeze harder to get a little of the tint out of the tube. 0.0

Second is the texture. It is MATTE. I used to dislike matte lipsticks a lot because it is drying ;(
But I actually found out that if I apply a lot more than just covering the whole lips, it wasn't that drying. 
Or another method is try not to use the cushion provided but instead of using your hand or lip brush.

Though I may hate the way of the tube was but on the positive won't be squeezed out if I carry it in my bag. Since my bag had so much stuff, I'm worried to those softer tube got squeezed and cause a mess.

As I said, the texture is drying but it is doesn't really cause my lips to be drier or anything. It is a nice matte tint if you want to try because the color does not sink into the lip fine lines if you had a dry lips like me.

The color payoff was really good as it give a nice color with just a few swipes. "No.7 Tea Rose" is nudy peach in color which I got it because nude color in tint?The color is not pale nude which I dislike the most. For "No.8 After Blossom", it supposed to be more to burgundy in color but since it was applied using the cushion, the color fade slightly and looks more to maroon red. Initially I thought the texture of the tint is almost similar to a lipstick but since it leaves a slight tint to the lips even after the color disappear.

The tint is not color transfer, not even after applying. It is stay for about a few hours with some drinks without disappearing which I think it's quite good.

and lastly, the tint smells like rose! If you ever tried the Etoinette lipstick, they had similar scent :D
But it is not noticeable when you apply them on lips.

Forget the packaging , I simply love this tint.
The colors line up were great and they smells like rose which is not noticeable when applying.
I might consider to get other colors next time..hehe

I rate them ;

Thank you for reading! Part.3 post will be next! :)


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