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I'm Mizu and a beauty blogger from Malaysia since 2010. I'm very passionate in beauty and addicted to Korea Cosmetics. I love making friends all over the world besides enjoying mangas and animes.

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Monday, February 11, 2013

My hobby and obsession

Gong xi..gong xi.. 
I wish a Happy New Year to all my Chinese readers~ :D
(share me your ang pows pleasee..kkk)

I thought I'm going to post some reviews but I found that posts are too boring 
to post becoz I'm not really in the
Also the pictures aren't done yet becoz my camera died XD

Recently I think my blog is too plain because I mainly post about reviews and cosmetics although I'm sure people who reads my blog also are an enthusiastic about those stuff. There's a lot of blogs which are similar to mine out there but sometimes I want to blog about my daily life or food but I don't really know how to do so..TT

Most of time I think that people would leave my blog if I started to post about these things..(in fact yes, since I lost few followers when I blogged about Kpop things). I want to be a great blogger like eki from ekiblog. The first time I know her when she do lots of Japanese cosmetics reviews but it gradually became different when she starts posting about food and Japan places she went but it doesn't makes her blog boring at all and I noticed that I like her blog even more~

I think I want to start making changes in post like I wanted to post more about the things  that I like and I'm into. Although I did say that I lost some followers becoz I did these kind of post but I notice one of unrelated post about cosmetic post I made that is "I want to learn sewing" made into the popular post although I'm not sure what are the readers find that post so XD

So in this post, I want to share with you about my anime obsession..I'm not sure if you know anime but generally people call it 'cartoon'..although the anime lovers hate if people says anime was cartoon but I just want to explain it in general..(don't kill me if you're anime lovers)
examples of anime that you might know are Pokemon, Doraemon, Dragon Ball..etc

There is a channel named Animax which is specialized for anime shows and they had a contest last month for my favorite new anime named "K" by Gora Hands. It was broadcast the same time as Japan and I'm really addicted since teaser video. You know I can't resist bishies(google that).

My friend, or could be specified as my partner in crime ask me to join although I
 resist at first but later I find that the contest is really easy! XD
We just had to answer 13 questions according to the 13 episodes of the show.
A week after I received an e-mail from the staff saying that I won the $50 $80 goodies!
I don't expect that since I said hundreds time that it will be infinity to 0.00000000001 chance that I could win since the contest were held between three countries, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore if I'm not mistaken.

You could say that I'm half-otaku XD
The reason why I said that I'm half is because I still socialize in real
In Japan, otaku could be consider a bad word to that person since most of them doesn't socialize in real world and almost the whole time they shut themselves in room admiring those anime characters..

Anyway, here are the goodies that arrived last Friday! I'm sooo excited although they changed the original prizes which supposed to be included an Animax headphone TT but they changed the prizes to something else :D

love love the tote bag!!

all the goodies included with the tote bag above :D

this cute bag supposed to store phone or something small..

the coolest tumblr! I never bought this kind of tumblr so I think this is really cool~

External power bank or you could say portable charger for almost everything!
Now I don't have to worry if my phone out of battery~

2 shirts! I'm not sure what is the anime title for the art on the white shirt(?)

K file!!omg..omg..too bad my fav Shiro figure is being cut off half in the picture but my Kuroh-kun is still good as ever~

I thought this is a normal neck strap but it was a neck strap + thumb drive!

The back of the tote I shown earlier.. The art is from an anime called Spooky Kitaro..tehee :D

Life as an anime otaku could be so hard if I were too obsessed. The figures, DVD, extras, weekly magazines, mangas and lots of merchandise is very very expensive plus most of them isn't available locally except to the most popular one. So that's why I splurge more on make-up since they're cheaper than this merchandise..believe it or

This is the Maroon5 file and album CD that I got from
My mom is a fan of Adam Levine because he appeared in The Voice..hehe :D

Anyway, thanks for reading my super babble~
I'll share lots next time :D


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