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I'm Mizu and a beauty blogger from Malaysia since 2010. I'm very passionate in beauty and addicted to Korea Cosmetics. I love making friends all over the world besides enjoying mangas and animes.

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

My long long long hauls~

Wow..I think its been a long time since I post anything here and giveaways too~..
Anyway,in this post,I want to talk about my few months ago hauls..I've been thinking to post ASAP but my non-stop-work didn't allow me to have the time for myself too..

At that day,my housemate and me going to city to go shopping!Absolutely!But the prob is her car had some error on service so she said that we wouldn't use her car instead rent a car.Since everyone got licence so she thinks its okay to use manual cars,unfortunately,we didn't always driving a car(automatic is okay) but there is no automatic car and ended up she drive the manual one although she's scared like us...haha..
We safely arrived at the shopping mall an hour after that.First plan.of course..I would want to buy clothes!!We never step in this mall before and its sad that there aren't much fashion stores here...T_T
my friend buy a bag and some got eye on those little clothes and me..ended up with only masker!waaa!so sad...

so here are some of the masker that I buy that day.We stop at guardian n got this guardian masker(honestly,i never wear any masker before so this is my first try)haha...

and we stop at another accessories shop and i buy a korean masker since the package is unique..haha
P/S: I mistakenly delete the pics...gosh..stress out!but I take other's blogger pic..keke
credit : imyuyuyiyi.blogspot


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