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I'm Mizu and a beauty blogger from Malaysia since 2010. I'm very passionate in beauty and addicted to Korea Cosmetics. I love making friends all over the world besides enjoying mangas and animes.

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

ebay hauls : The Face Shop Black Head Nose Clay Mask(Peel-Off),Skin79 Rose Moisture Mask and Missha Signature Real BB Cream

From left,Skin79 Rose Moisture Mask,Missha Signature BB Cream and The Face Shop Black Head Nose Clay Mask.

I bought all these items when they are on sale at ebay~So cheap than local price!

I bought this on RubyRuby76 as well as Missha Signature Real BB Cream.
and WHAT THE MOST DISAPPOINTING ME IS THEY ON CHEAT ME!This Skin79 Rose Moisture Mask is USED!Not new as they stated in their page!Arghh..I'm so mad!!I just realizing this today as the foil drop from the bottle cap!That's why when I opened the bottle,all the mask was in awfully looking.I thought it because maybe the postman got turn it all over to make the mask looks awful..but after I saw the foil drop from the bottle cap and that time I realize that the bottle is already opened!!!I fell very mad coz I have leave good feedback to them!I wanna show to other buyer that i've been cheated!!!waaaaaaaaaa!
Its looks like this,

and don't you think the mask is too little??it supposed to be till top of the bottle actually..and yeah.looks how the mask looks around the bottle?i thought it was the postman fault but is their fault!If the foil is unopened,then the mask won't looks like that!

This is from the same buyer,RubyRuby76. I don't know if they are cheating about this too or not but it looks like not.I think this is new,don't know how to check this but yeah..I maybe won't buy here again..So sad and I would forgive them if they give free gift to me as compensation.I don't want the money back but give me something else that I requested.That way,Ill clean their name back.

Anyway,I've tried both of it and for the moisture mask,it if sweet!haha..not only the smell but the taste.I  didn't eat it okay buy that time the mask fall to lips and I wasn't realize it till I lick my lips coz my lip tends to sweet!Original Rose Smell!Like it!It is a wash-off type and don't be like me.While using the mask,I fall asleep and the next morning,the mask was all over my shirt.Because it is sweet,then it tends to be sticky..haha..

For the Missha Signature Real BB Cream,I choose the yellow colour,It does have light beige,yellow beige and pink beige.The pink wasn't available so I choose the yellow one since my skin is not too light but with yellow undertone.I would say the smell is great~!and it stay long too!~But didn't cover my whole break outs.Maybe my breakouts this time is bad,so that's why it doesn't.Maybe?
Anyway,will see the future results if it suits my skin or not.

This is The Face Shop Black Head Nose Clay Mask.As you know,this is the peel off type.I use this once and it hurts so much till I'm crying!!!haha..maybe I put it from my left cheek to right cheek,that's why it hurts so much I think..haha..but the result of peeling,maybe I don't have black heads,only white heads,,so the results is only my facial hair was peel off,that's why it hurts..haha..anyway,gonna try this another 2 weeks..haha...coz it hurts much!You can see another review about this and it really works!~

Till then,thanks for reading!~
P/S : i got three samples..hehe..


rebeccalucyh♥ said...

Great post, love your blog x

Mizu said...

thnx honey for dropping by.I'm still new to this but will improve~

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