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Sunday, April 3, 2011

REVIEW AND SWATCHES : AVON glimmerstick, AVON SimplyPretty Big Eye Pencil #Pink and AVON SimplyPretty Concealer Stick.

I though I'm gonna make a new post yesterday but my laptop bluetooth got probs..I've tried several times but it won't work.Anyway,I manage to do it today,so I'm gonna review about my latest AVON hauls!Thanks to my mom for sponsoring this!Love you mom!

From left is AVON SimplyPretty Concealer Stick,AVON SimplyPretty Big Eye Pencil #Pink and AVON glimmerstick #Black.

This concealer's color is not bad and it is moist!Yes..I love it that way!I never tried any concealer before so I didn't know how to differentiate between good or bad.I've tried this under my eyes to cover my dark circle but it won't work!It it so light and it looks like I put on too much compact powder onto it..T_T
Purchase again : No. want to try other concealer that is good to cover redness,dark circles.Anybody can suggest?

These Big Eye Pencil is a new product from AVON SimplyPretty line.I wanted it so much after I go through the AVON promotion book and the result is....

I love it!(ermmm...maybe my phone camera is bad though =.=)..The color is not too bright!It is shimmery and suits to be use as eyeshadow and eye liner.hehe..I always use it for under my eyes.It looks so pretty!It is in light pink color.There are other colors available too!Its blue and the other one..wasn't so sure...I recommended this for those who like natural looks.
Purchase again?Yes..maybe for blue...weexD

This is my second glimmerstick and yes..I do love it and that's why I buy it again!haha..this time is black one.It is so easy to use coz I don't have to have a eye liner sharpener to sharpened this.So easy to use!hee..
Here is the swatches.

The left is three time lining and the right one is one time swatch.It is blur...ehhh...bad camera..
anyway,its kinda black actually..hehe..but it smudge see?co the liner broke from the pencil when I am about to do swatching but its my fault..haha..

and that's all for this time..wait for another post today!


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