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Saturday, April 16, 2011

REVIEW AND SWATCHES : e.l.f Studio Endless Eyes Pro Mini Eyeshadow Palette – Limited Edition,e.l.f Studio Eyeshadow Primer and Glamlabel Foundation brush

Hello deary sweet sugar~!I would do another reviews for today!Sorry for not be able to post this reviews few days ago because of I'm busy with a lot of exams that never stop..haha...anyway,it completely finish now and what left is my final exams.Taking out some time didn't effect right?lol..Okay,let's get going to what I will review today.The two products was on my wish list that I tick right?It just arrived last Thursday and I'm really happy!Sorry for not taking the group photo as I was a little confuse just now.Individual pictures are okay right?

Glamlabel Foundation brush.

First of all,let I started with this foundation brush from Glamlabel.I bought this on ebay which the seller is having sales that time.(I think?)and yeah,it just arrived last Wednesday if I'm not mistaken.Although it takes a very long time to arrive(almost a month)but I didn't regret buying it since it was so smooth!The brush is big and easy to hold.I didn't have any foundation brush before so I think I wanted to buy this since I use BB creams everyday and to protect hygiene and prevent bacteria spreading to my face more(since I used my fingers before to apply the BB Cream),I thought this would be useful so I would rate this 4/5 stars.It is reasonable than any other brush so I really recommend this.

The box.

The front look.

Inside the palette.

Next,e.l.f Studio Endless Eyes Mini Eyeshadow Palette(Limited Edition).I really wanted e.l.f products so much after I read a lot of review about it!Surprisingly,the cosmetics under this brand is quite cheap!Last time there are having sales and most of the products is having 50% discount!Oh become more cheaper than ever!My friend said,yeah,they beat Avon for this!haha..because Avon is quite cheap here and imagine how this brand can be more cheaper than that?woaaa..Anyway,I didn't buy this from the sales but I bought this from a local online seller.They are having sales every month and I was lucky to have this!Yeay!Before we move on further,I would like to introduce e.l.f to you guys!(especially local readers who didn't know).e.l.f stands for eyes.lips.face which comes from UK if I'm not mistaken.(Please correct me if I'm wrong here.I'm new to this brand too since this is my first purchase).The e.l.f have many range of products which the best selling are their gorgeous palette,eyeshadow primer and HD powder and eye shadows.Okay,that's all for the intros.This palette that I bought is already sold out in their website and I don't know if they would re-stock this or not.This palette contains 32 different colors that range from matte to shimmer color.As I read from other review,the color is really pigmented!You only have to swatches a little and the result is great!I've used this palette few times already especially the natural colors.hehe..Can't wear the funky one to classes right??haha..hmm..the picture of me wearing the eye shadows?hmm..maybe I would post it on my Beeha Contest entry but I'll inform later.Here is the swatches picture that I took(Sorry for not be able to post up the high quality picture since I didn't have any camera on my hand now.So the color may be different on the real results.
First line of the shadows(Refer to the full palette)

Second line from the palette

 Third line from the palette


The last line from the palette(The smokey colors is nice right??)hehe..
I would give this palette 5/5 stars for the beautiful colors,cheapest palette from branded company and pigmented colors!

Next would be my last review for today that is e.l.f Studio Eyeshadow Primer.

This primer is one of the best selling at e.l.f and this one is sold out too that time.hehe..This primer is used before using eye shadows to make it last last longer and stay at my eye lid.I've tried this few times too as before I'm using the e.l.f palette.It works well with me!I always have an oily eyelid so this is really helpful!The glossy type primer really makes eye shadows is easy to use and blend too.So 5/5 for this!
Take a look at the swatches( I'm swatches for the BB cream)

Slight swatch.

Blend to my skin.

and tadaaa..It disappears..

This is how the brush looks alike.Its like lip gloss brush isn't it?Easy to use and easy to apply too!So I recommended this!

That's all for this time reviews!I would do a lot of review in the future!Read my last reviews too!Hope you enjoy this!Thanks for reading~

Love xoxoxox.. Mia


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