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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

[REVIEW] Avon Smooth Minerals Powder Foundation,Eyeshadows and Free Kabuki Brush and Dual Ended Eye Shadow Brush.

Hello there~!As I promised,today I will do another review that is Avon Smooth Minerals Make-up!I start liking this after I read review from Puteri from SayaSukaMekap.I read her review and she mention the price along and it was inexpensive!I was surprised too!So last weekend I went out with my friend and luckily Avon was only besides the shop that we wanna go!Then,we went to Avon as my friend really loves Avon.haha..So we start with my review!

These are the things that I bought last time.Not the full collections since I have much blushers and I'm not a fan of lipstick..Still finding a good and reasonable lipstick to use.

The big one is foundation powder,the small one is eyeshadow and the white box is Kabuki brush n dual ended brush.

This is Avon Smooth Minerals Foundation Powder in Beige Orchre.The packaging is great but the Europe one is more great!
This is the Europe packaging,I was a bit..owh..their packaging is more nice!While our packaging looks like this


But anyway,it doesn't really matters...haha..the foundation comes with 4 shades that are Ivory Pink,Beige Orchre,Light Orchre and err..the other one.I forgot..sorry..
Just 4 shades while Europe Avon got 12 shades in total.
Europe shades.

Maybe because we are at different region so that's why the shades are different and lesser.

Overall the foundation powder is looks like loose powder to me.Great colors although I first look at the color,it seems darker.So if you went to Avon,you must test the color on your skin first co it may look darker from your eyes but it will be lighter when you apply it.I intend to buy the Ivory Pink one but I immersed with the testing colors and forgot about the Ivory Pink one..but the beige suits my skin well.

Another one that I buy is Avon Smooth Minerals Eyeshadow in Rose Quartz
Looks like there are no different between the foundation powder right?.

The eyeshadow package looks like this..The color seems not too clear in this but here is the Europe shades

There are four shades for Asian too but I forgot the colors..I'll check the catalog again then I'll update this..

Overall for the eyeshadow,it is shimmery and great natural colors.I love it!However both of this products got large package but have a very low quantity.Like the foundation,it is so I was disappointed in that.They actually have to put more in the canister.

So go to the free gift with over RM30 of buying.

The Kabuki brush worth RM18.90.The brush is so smooth when I first touch it but when I use it on my face..oh my,the hair is falling off..gosh..the point of the brush is sharp too!I was like grrr...and one more,it does contain a smell..don't have how to say it but it is the brush smell,sometimes I was kinda like it but sometimes it really bothers me...=.= . So think first if you want to buy this brush.I do not recommend it at all..(thank god this was free)

The other one is Dual Ended Eyeshadow brush,it is so smooth and light.I really love it~!(That time the plastic don't even open yet..hahaxD)

Anyway,that's all for today.I hope you enjoy reading this.

P/S : Mia akan buat translations if ada readers yang nakkan review ni dalam Bahasa Melayu.bye2~

xoxoxox Mia


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