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I'm Mizu and a beauty blogger from Malaysia since 2010. I'm very passionate in beauty and addicted to Korea Cosmetics. I love making friends all over the world besides enjoying mangas and animes.

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Friday, April 8, 2011

ebay hauls,review : Sulwhasoo Renewing Kit and DIY Facial Hair Removing Tool

Hi there!~Just for another reviews~!I may not post up too much about it since my laptop yeah..had a problems again with the bluetooth thing but I will tomorrow..I'm using my sulwhasoo now and  would like to see the results tomorrow morning..hehe..still waiting for my another ebay hauls..haishh..they really taking lots of time to arrive.can't wait anymore~`~!!!

I will edit this after my blue tooth is working well back.

[UPDATE]Yup,its working now and its time for another review!

Okay,I don't know where I put this single picture for DIY Hair Face Remover Tool.But anyway,I've tried it..errmm..I don't know if my facial hair is too small or not but this is not useful..thank god it is cheap..

This is Sulwhasoo Renewing Kit . So basically,its just a sample that I bought .
 To buy the real one - TOO EXPENSIVE THAN EVER!One bottle would cost around RM200++..omo...cried T_T..but along with the priciest products,this brand under Amore Pacific,had so many compliments!I never read any bad reviews about this brand!Anybody who have tried this must be so satisfied.How about me?First day I'm using this,I can't see any changes yet.Maybe have to try few times..I'll tell you if its works or not.
I would tell you that this products have strong ginger smell!To those who didn't like ginger smell, have to bear with it to become me..haha..I have to bear the smell too.However,the smell disappear as it absorbed to your skin.

This is the freshner,dark brown in color..have ginger smell and does not sticky.It absorb well to your skin and moisturizing it!I've tried this along with the cream and it works!I don't know how to say in which way that this set works for me but aha!I wrinkles are lessen!I know that I'm still young and may not have any wrinkles but still everyone got some lines on your face right??So,it makes my skin looks clear~!I'm so happy!

This is firming soft and easy to apply.
This cream is so thick!I only need to use this a little coz small amounts of this can cover face my face because of the texture!It does moisturize and yeah,a perfect set along with the freshner..Wow..i'm so surprised by the results and thinking to buy the original set but I have to keep some money first because this products is really expensive!However,it is worth it to become prettier!Thanks Sulwhasoo!

I think that's all for know..bye..bye..

Love Mia xoxo

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