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Monday, June 2, 2014

[REVIEW] Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint Comparison, Happy 5th Birthday Tint! #PP501 #PK002

Hi guys! 
I saw spiderwebs on my It feels so long since I blogged though I'm somewhat active on my facebook page. If you're been following me through my facebook, then you already know my recent purchase..I'm thinking of a collective haul post but the products are troublesome to find because it's all over the place..hehe

Anyway, I'll be reviewing the Etude House Limited Edition #PP501 Lavender Purple which was released for the Fresh Cherry Tint 5th Birthday! I was so excited to see the colour released because the purple is really pretty in the ads. There is another one in orange colour but I don't fancy orange this season, not sure why though..haha

So I actually received my #PK002 tint at the same time as the limited version so I thought I want to do a comparison instead of different post each. The Fresh Cherry Tint from Etude House has been my favourite even before they changed to the new packaging. However, the new packaging as well as the new tint version is way better than the old one. 

These ingredients list only can be seen on the limited edition tint box.

Love both colours!

Doe applicator.

The real colour is actually a little bit pigmented than the picture.

The scent of the both tint are pretty the same. It's sweet like cherry but it's a pleasant smell, not too overboard.

It doesn't taste as bad as other tint that I've tried and in fact this taste sweet! I can't help but to lick it..haha

The colour is pigmented and it the same colour as the outer bottle shown. However, it will turn different in different lip colour. As for me, I had a pink-red lip tone, so after a few hours, the tint would turn more to pink-red in colour. The purple especially, wasn't disappointing as it gives a healthy glow the longer I wear it :)

The tint last really long but it will gradually disappear if you drink. But still, it will leave a hint of colour like the swatch I shown above.

The price is affordable, about RM20+ for the purple, since it's a limited edition. and about RM18+ for the pink one. By the way, I got the purple one from ebay :D

Overall, they're really good! I don't have much to say since I already reviewed the red version here previously.

I rate them :

Thank you for reading :)


chocobunnii13 said...

So pretty!! I love the Etude House Fresh Cherry Tints!! I'm so in love with them and I really wanted to try the lavender one~ <3 Thanks for the review! It looks so pretty~

Love, Aimee

Mizu said...

You should really try them! The Lavender Purple really gives a healthy glow to the lips the longer you wear it. :)

moon said...

The purple one looks really interesting, I have been tempted for a while :D

Mizu said...

It actually look way better in real..capturing proper colour is tough T_T
and you should really try them :D

meishenmeweishenme said...

I tried one from this line and it dries so fast on my lips but color pigmentation is good :D

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