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Sunday, June 29, 2014

[REVIEW & GIVEAWAY] Meng Meng Lace Double Eyelid Tape

Hi guys! I'll be reviewing this Meng Meng Lace Double Eyelid Tape which is sponsored by Supermodels Secret. Please stay tune at the end of the post coz I'm going to do a giveaway~ SS is my newest sponsor and they gave me a few items to try but this review is based on honest review. I'm going to review the rest later.

Practically, this is how to use the eyelid tape.

There are five pieces of 6 pairs eye tape in a pink pouch. There are also included with a glue.

You need to push out the tape.

I don't follow the instructions at the back but from a youtube tutorial that SS posted. super bare eyes..0.0 My eyebrow looks super messy because it's my mistake while trimming it for the first Anyway, as you can see my eyelid is a bit lower before and after I put on the tape which the at the height that I wanted, makes my eyelid fold a little bit higher. The tape is almost invisible and if you saw any strings pop out like in the picture, do add a little of glue on top to make it less visible.

If you notice, there's a little fold of eyelid near to my lashes which I don't know why is that happening. Probably because my eyelid fold and my eyebrow doesn't have that much space and I glued the new eyelid fold a little bit too high so the tape kinda push my eyelid down and forms a fold there. It feels heavy somehow.

For those who might wondering how it looks like when putting make up on top, I guess it doesn't make difference with or without make up as you can see in the pic up there. I put on light eye shadow on top of the tape and it doesn't accentuates much of the strings line. Just not that this is a zoom in picture so everything looks clearer here. From afar, you can't really tell if someone wore an eyelid tape. Probably you might be wearing this tape better than me because I'm totally a beginner in this because it's my first time using an eyelid tape.

I just want to test out doing a gyaru-like eyes with falsies on but it totally fails..XD The upper lashes is not strong enough and overall it looks pretty weird to me..haha but one thing that I'm really glad it I can line up my eyes thicker than usual because the eyelid fold is higher than usual. Thicker eyeline, lesser mistakes for me XD

At first while wearing this, my eyes feels heavier probably because I'm not used to it yet. I realize that after a few hours, it feels lighter. I guess you have to be familiar with wearing eye tape first before actually using it to avoid discomfort.

The glue included is very strong for me but it takes a bit of time to try. There is another version of this eyelid tape which used a different glue (professional type) and it dries a little faster than this according to SS.
If you're using the same glue as me, take note that the glue sticks on really strong and you might not want to mess up. Other than that, I notice a smell on the glue, probably smells like green plant and I don't like it. However, it soon disappear when the glue dries.

The good side of this eye tape is it don't reflect under flash. I guess this is the best point the tape have. Like who wants an extra light reflection on your eyes if you're taking selfie. :D

Overall, I think this eye tape is better than the 'plastic type' of eyelid tape because this is like a thread and doesn't hurt your eyes.

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Thank you for reading and good luck!


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