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Saturday, June 28, 2014

[REVIEW] Candy Doll Cheek Color Duo

It feels so long for me to buy any Japanese Cosmetics! I always liked gyaru styles and Tsubasa Masuwaka were quite popular in Popteen magazine which I used to read (though I don't understand a word) but now I don't really buy any Popteen mags because of the inconsistency availability of the magazine in the bookstore I always dropped by.

Anyway, I came across this new blusher from Candy Doll. I knew that they came out with this new product but I never thought I would find this at HiShop when I browsed their site. Since I had accumulated points that I've kept ever since working with them, I used all of it to buy this blusher..haha.Well, I did paid a little more for this but it's worth it when I have to spend a little for this.

Pink for cheeck color and light purple for highlight.

Candy Doll products cuteness never fails me.

There is a reflection of light from the cover glass so it forms white streak there. Sorry, I didn't notice that.

This is a light swatches of the blusher using my fingers. The colour is much pigmented when using brush.

Like other products produced by Tsubasa Masuwaka, this blusher doesn't have any scent with it and it's fine by me but I would prefer a nice scent since I'm a scent lover. :)

What I love the most is the packaging. Tsubasa is going for more and more otona look but I like that she's still keeping her design cute as ever. There's older version of this blusher which looks a bit plain and I think this new packaging is better. I don't have the picture of the old one but Google may assist you..haha

For this new version, she's going for duo type blusher consist of highlighter and cheeck colour. Honestly, the marshmallow purple did not do much for my medium skin tone but it might works for someone's fairer. I usually just mix it up with the cheek colour and it doesn't effect anything but maybe adding a bit glitter to the pink colour because the marshmallow purple consist a bit of glitter as you can see in the swatches picture.

The strawberry pink colour is very pigmented and I had to be careful for not to overly applied. When I applied it lighter onto my cheek, it tends to get redder than it supposed to be. I'm not sure why but most blusher that I bought, no matter what colour it is, red, pink, purple or peach, it would turn redder. Probably because my cheek is naturally flushed that it makes the colour turns out like that (although I cover it with creams/foundations/bb). Then, I found out that applying it a little more from I always do makes the colour pops out pink with this blusher.

The texture of the blush is soft and it doesn't have much difference with any normal blushers. Probably because it is imported and created by someone famous made the price is a bit high (RM59). As far as I know, this brand are only sold in the drugstore Japan, but it's a high quality so I don't mind :D

The actual cheek colour are way pigmented than in the picture. Perhaps the lighting makes it looks subtle. I used both marshmallow purple and strawberry pink which the purple goes on my cheekbone and the pink is at the bottom.I apologized for the somehow "sad" looking face. I'm not photogenic so I always look awkward in pictures.

Overall, it's a nice blusher and I think that I should work in a way that the light purple would works on me..haha

I rate this :

Thank you for reading.


LauraLeia said...

Aaaahh i didn't know HiShop got stock the new items! Thanks for the review; I guess it's time for me to use my points hahahah XD

Mizu said...

Haha..I didn't know it either! Just browsing for fun and saw this! lol..I've been wanting this for so long..

You really have to use the points! I save a lot by using points..haha

Kelly Chin said...

you look glowing and naturally blushed in this :)

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