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Saturday, June 7, 2014

[REVIEW] Stylenanda 3CE Triple Shadow #BODY TO BODY

I really did put much effort in this review including the tutorial picture. I wanted to try making one for so long after a lot of request from my readers about a makeup tutorial but I'm so sorry that this isn't a full face tutorial. I hope you find it helpful to create a simple makeup look :)

I've been eyeing this eyeshadow from 3CE from sometime and that is #bodytobody because the colours combination is really pretty to me. It's quite pricey in price but it's worth every penny.
Product Information :
Name : 3 Concept Eyes Triple Shadow #Body to body
Brand : Stylenanda
Price : USD 23.45
Purchased from : HONESTSKIN
Note : Honestskin regularly do sales and I got about 2USD+ discount, if I'm not wrong.


I love the pink painted box~

It's my first time doing this tutorial so hopefully you will be able to understand. :)
Just let me know if you can't understand. It is pretty easy to do this and I don't use specific brush either.
Just to note that 1,2,3,5 and 6 are the eyeshadows from 3CE. 5 is the mix of 3CE eyshadow 3 and 4. 6 is the No.1 eyeshadow. I added a few assisting item to enhance the look.

The complete eye makeup. All photos are enlargeable so you can click the picture for better view.

All of the shadows are shimmery but I like the way that it is shimmery but the glitter is very small that it looks so beautiful. The shadows also gives and instant glowy and clean look to my eyes.

The texture of the shadows is very soft and it is so easy to use. It doesn't cause creases no matter how long I wear it but to those who have double or more eyelid fold like me, it's better if you used a primer before applying the shadow to make the colour show up better.

Pigmentation is great. I don't have to layers the shadows to get my preferred colour payoff.
No.1 is a white shimmer with a light pink base, No.2 is a gold shimmer with light orange base and No.3 is a gold shimmer with light peachy red as the base.

The shadows easily came off with only water but the shimmer will be left as residue, it's better to wipe with the tissue remover or towel will do.

Overall, I really love this eyeshadow. It really brighten up my whole look and the wear time is great too. What's important that it doesn't creased up :D I would love to get the other colours as well.

I rate this :

Thank you for reading.


cindy tong ( said...

look natural and beautiful the color!!great for everyday use!

The Serotinal said...

I love the look you created! It reminds me of a sunset lol.

Mizu said...


Mizu said...

haha..that was the initial thought when I create the look :D

Mizu said...

Thank you :D

meishenmeweishenme said...

Seems so beautiful on you! Thank you for tutorial ~~

Mizu said...

this would look great on everyone :D
hope you like the tuto :)

Mizu said...

aww..thank you~ I'm glad that you like it :)

매리@bitterseoul said...

The colors compliment each other
so well, and the eye look you created
is perfect, I definitely need to try more
of 3ce eye make up. :)

Mizu said...

Thank you, please do try them! Though they started as a fashion brand, their makeup is not bad too :)

Bethany said...

Ahh, that is really pretty! Props on the tutorial too, I really like the graphics you've got explaining the application. I'm not huge on shimmery shades, but it actually looks quite subtle on you.

Mizu said...

I just learned how to do the graphics when I'm editing the pictures. It took a lot of time since I never done it before..haha
The colour combination of the shadow in the palette that makes it looks so subtle :)

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