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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

[REVIEW] Fairy Beauty Life Food - Sponsored by HiShop

Last month I've been sent a really huge + a pink box from HiShop containing a few beauty supplement products from Fairy Beauty. It kind of surprise me because I don't really know what will they send this time.
I'll be reviewing the first product from the box and that it Fairy Beauty Life Food. This is similar to Herbalife or Shaklee if you want a reference. 
Product Information :
Name : Life Food
Brand : Fairy Beauty
Net weight : 300g
Price : RM79.00 each
You can get the product here.

My mom said that the bottle is pretty so she said never throw this out.haha

Just in the right time that I planned to lose weight..hehe

 This is first time I've seen almost organic supplements.

The powder is in very light purple and it smells nice too :D

This supplement should be taken before any meal and I usually took this once a day before lunch.
2-3 table spoons with 200ml of warm water each time. Just to note that the powder will dissolve easier if you use warm water instead of hot water. I've tried a few times with hot water and it cause lumps of powder not dissolving but to say that lumps are normal for these types of food supplement. Most of the time it will appear and I just have to stir it a bit harder to break the lumps.

I could say that the texture almost similar Nestum or what would you call it?Wheat cereal isn't it?
But that is according to amount of water you mix in. I usually doesn't measure up the water so most of the time it will turn out just like the wheat cereal. I preferred less water because it'll taste slightly sweet.

For the first time I open up the lid, there is a subtle scent of sweet, like lavender or blueberry scent to it which smells really nice but you won't smell this after the powder has been dissolve it the water.

I've tried for 2 weeks by now ( not regular, because I seem to forgot sometimes ) and I notice that my belly is not as bloated as before I took this supplement. Another thing that I notice is I do go to toilet for a few times a day but sometimes, there's none per day.

Because this is consume before a meal, I've taken lesser quantity of food in a meal. I'm not much of a big eater but with this, I eat a little lesser than usual. Not that I'm complaining..haha.. I guess this slightly make me full without me realizing that.

Overall, I pretty much like this supplement. Aside from taking care of my weights, the ingredients are pretty much for the skin as well. That's why I notice my skin is pretty glowy nowadays..hehe

Anyway, thank you for reading.

You can get more Fairy Beauty products here :
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