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Friday, June 27, 2014

[REVIEW] Etude House Play 101 Pencil #15 & #27

Hi there guys! 
So I'm unable to combine reviews for these multi purpose pencils from Etude House because of the mismatched arrival. However, I'll link back to the previous post for you which I include nine swatches of the pencils here.

This two pencils are sponsored by Happie Bubbles which is a local Malaysian Korea Beauty Store that sells various Korean Beauty products! You might want to check their facebook page here. I like how bubbly their photos are :D I was asked to choose any products to review so I choose two of these pencils for that. The parcel arrived to me yesterday and I've tried the two of them since I was excited whenever a parcel arrives for me..haha

This time I tried the sharpen it but so many problems encountered while sharpening No.15 because it is so soft and the sharpener often got stuck with the product at the end making it messy.

These pencils are twistable and attached with sharpener.

I did not do the outdoor swatches picture for the previous post so here is the outdoor version. Paper swatches were kinda useless so I didn't do them this time.

The pencil is twistable and it means that you don't have to use the regular sharpener to sharpen the outer black part. They attached a plastic sharpener at the end of the pencil to sharpen the tip if needed. 

I love how unique the idea of making this multi-purpose pencils as eyeshadow, lipstick and eyeliner in one. Most of my eyeshadows are came in palette or individual cases so it takes a lot of space in my pouch when I travelled. However, with these pencils types, it easily fit into my pouch and I can bring as much as I want to with varieties of colours.

No.15 - It is a glossy type which is very soft to me. It kinda easy to melt (it's hot here) and hard to sharpen because it tends to get messy a lot. I love the colour so much. It's a peachy orange and suits lips very much. Unlike No.23 that I reviewed here, this No.15 is pretty much not suitable for eyeshadows because it might creased. No.23 is less glossier and I've tried using it as eyeshadow which works for me. 

No.27 - Is a glitter darker pink in colour. Honestly the poster photo is different from the real tip which you can trust the poster better because the pink wasn't as dark as the tip shown. The swatches are comparable with the poster photo and I like it that it won't smudges after it dries. It feels a little bit rough as No.44 because of the glitter but it is a really pretty colour. Suit to be an eyeshadow and it is waterproof too.

Overall, I love these pencils so much! Would love to get the blue version next :D
I definitely recommend everyone to try it :) Read my previous post for another nine colours swatches!

I used No.15 on the center of the eyelid and No.27 for the whole eyelid. No.15 is being an epic fail to be an eyeshadow even though I prep my eyes with eye primer. Sorry, I'm kinda lazy of putting mascara so I used's a bit mess there.

I rate this :

Visit Happie Bubbles :

Thank you for reading :)


yoonyee said...

The Play 101 pencils are so pretty! When I saw Pony use these pencils in her Etude House tutorial, I fell in love with the colours! I like the idea of having a pencil for lips, eyes and eyeliner but it's kind of unhygenic if you use it for it all anyways wouldn't it?

What a bummer that #15 is too soft, I find that it makes a gorgeous lip colour anyways ^_~

Love the review, thank you Mizuchan ^___^

CLICK HERE for Korean beauty reviews and tutorials~ ♡

emma said...

I love 29 and 30 those gorgeous deep purple and pink colours are so pretty! I love them. There's so many pretty colours in this collection! Great review!

Mizu said...

Definitely pink and purples are so pretty in this collection :)

meishenmeweishenme said...

gorgeus !!

Mizu said...

yup! :)

Nyacchan said...

All the Etude House 101 pencil are soso pretty, i wish i could have all of them *3*)/
The eye makeup you did is wonderful, i like pink and orange make up a lot ** so pretty.


Mizu said...

I wish to have all of them too! But the colours are too many..T~T
and thank you for the compliment although the color orange fails XD

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