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Friday, June 13, 2014

[REVIEW] Peripera Choco-Choco Brush Liner #DarkChoco

How was the cover photo?I really love the purple + pink + chocolate combi in this photo :D

Hi guys! So this time I want to review this chocolate eyeliner from peripera~
They released this choco-choco collection a few months ago and I fall in love with the brush liner since it looks like it will give a true brown colour. Anyway, I asked help from a friend to get this for me in Korea and peripera Korea kindly give me a side gift which is the peripera milky tint in purple :) (I'll be reviewing that later). If you want to get any products from this line, it was already available in selected Watson's store. You can get more information from Peripera Malaysia facebook about the availability of the product.

Product Information :
Name : Choco-Choco Brush Liner
Brand : Peripera
Production : Made in Korea
Shade : #1 Dark Choco
Weight : 0.5g

Almost tear off the label and I remember that I haven't take a picture of it..haha

The liner didn't budge although I put them under running water.

Rubbed the swatch when it is still wet and it flakes but not smudging.

I don't know why but I can't do other style of eyeliner other than this or I'll ended up looking weird..

Choco-choco line by Peripera focused on making a few brown coloured products. After the disappointment with the brown pen liner from 3CE which doesn't give my desired brown colour, I decided to try this brush liner from Peripera when I saw their ads :)

Furthermore, the Choco-choco collection were super cute to resist that I don't take much time to think of buying this. I'm not sure about the price( I forgot ) but the website shows 15,000 won which equal to RM48 (but they're having sales right now! It's 9000 won = RM28 :D)

For the colour, I notice that there is a slight red colour to it when I first applied. I think it is interesting because most brown colour have a black base or grey base to it but this is not. No smell detected from the liquid.

In the eye swatch, the liner might look lighter but you can layered it up to darken the colour. The tip of the brush is easy to use too and it makes precise line :)

This brush liner is not rubbed proof and it is not waterproof either. It can easily disappear while it is wet and rubbed. However, I like it that it is not smudging. The liquid will turn flaky when rubbed instead of smudging.

Lasting hours is about 4 hours on my oily eyelid with all the sweat-making exercises(window shopping! XD)

Overall, I really like this eyeliner. It is easy to use and apply using the brush tip.

Thank you for reading.


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