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Friday, August 1, 2014

[REVIEW] Secret Key Snow White Milky Pack

Just as I posted on my fb page, I'll be back to blogging after Raya, I'm not really sure if this is a long term or short term because the holiday is almost over, which means I have to go back to my college and study..>0<
I thought the first week of the new semester won't be that pack but I was wrong, I already got a new assignment at the first day of class..T~T But, I'll try to do my work faster so that I can spend more on my blog :D

This Milky Pack is sponsored by Supermodels Secret, which is one of the popular product I used to see!. You could say that this is one of my wishlist too :)

It came in a HUGE squeeze-able tube.

Convenient to use.

I actually wanted to do some sort of photo testimony by showing two hands but no one wanna help me taking pictures TT ..According to the pack, I have to wash my hands after applying the cream. I'm not really sure why because I preferred the un-wash better than washing my hands because my skin looks so much whiter and brighter but I guess there must be the reason why. 

After washing, probably the residue of the cream cleared that my skin tone improves in more natural way. 
Both washed and not washed improves my skin tone which differs a little bit.

The cream smells so much like a lotion which smells really nice. However the fragrance doesn't last long if you wash your hands multiple times but in terms of improving skin tone, I guess it last pretty long for me though I wash my hands a few times.

The cream is pretty moisturising for me and I love it!

I would use this lotion on days where I think I've gone dark by the summer and to match my face cream and my hands tone. It is definitely a GREAT help! The cream can be used at the most parts of your body or wherever you feels like to wanted to brighten up the specific area. Continue use of this could actually brighten up your skin for real :D

Thank you so much for reading! I'll be posting more reviews soon~

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chocobunnii13 said...

This looks really cool! I really like the brightening and whitening effect the cream gave you even when washed! How long does the brightening effect last? :) Thanks for the review!

Love, Aimee

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Mizu said...

Hi Aimee,

The effects lasts for the whole day if you're not washing your hands frequently :D
That's great isn't it?

sara.ledinek said...

Hm...could you mix it with foundation? I need to lighten up most of my foundations so I'm searching for a cheap alternative :)

Mizu said...

Yup fo course! I think this would make a great base too :D

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