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Sunday, August 31, 2014

[REVIEW] De Beauty Reborn Nutri Bifidus

Happy Independence Day Malaysia for the 57th!
I wish Malaysia would be forever in peace :)

Today, I'll be reviewing this beauty supplement from De Beauty. Hishop sent me a few sachets to try for this latest beauty supplement from Japan, Nutri Bifidus!
Product Information :
Name : Reborn Nutri Bifidus
Brand : De Beauty
Origin : Japan
Quantity : 13gm x 14 sachets per box.
Price : RM165
Buy online : HERE
Look how curvy the box is! 

What did De Beauty Reborn Nutri Bifidus do?
  • Within 3 minutes eliminate 20g fat
  • 1 day blocks 500 calories
  • Enhancing Intestinal bacteria
  • It contracts and eliminates bulky issues of “belly, thighs, arms, hip and waist line”. It also eliminates fat, dropsy, bloated stomach, fat particles, acne, toxic, fecal impaction, indigestion as well as regulating intestinal functions.
Try to take REBORN BIFIDUS to enhance and regulate intestinal bacteria.
10 minutes after meal, it starts to form some wriggling dimensional shape to restrain the body fat.
8 hours after meal, all the body fat is constrained inside the wriggling dimensional balls and to be excreted together with feces.
50% of Visceral fat can be instantly reduced
The clinical research in Japan showed the following effects:
1. Constipation, diarrhea, fat-elimination, fecal impaction
  • After consuming for 1-2 weeks, the amount of feces will increase but without any diarrhea response.
  • After consuming for 8 weeks, the process of intestinal peristalsis will be fully regulated, the effects of constipation and diarrhea will be diminished and it helps to eliminate excessive fat to be excreted from the body.
2. Belly, lower-body fat, eliminate dropsy
  • After consuming for 8 weeks continuously, there will be tighten effects in thighs, hip, arms and waist line area.
  • “Reduces the size of belly” is even more obvious, the success rate is as high as 98.2%.
3. Eliminates acne, fat particles, rough skin and enhances the radiant of the skin
  • After consuming for 4 weeks, skin pores shrink obviously and balancing the oil secretion of the face.
  • After consuming for 8 weeks continuously, the acne will be reduced tremendously and restore the natural radiant of the skin.
4. Detoxification, eliminates bloated stomach, indigestion, small intestinal absorption capacity and regulating intestinal functions
  • After consuming for 4 weeks, it helps eliminating bloated stomach and indigestion problems.
  • After consuming for 8 weeks, fecal impaction is reduced tremendously and it also eliminates dropsy.
  • “Fecal impaction” will be eliminated naturally and “Toxic” will be absorbed and excreted.
  • “The effectiveness of intestinal functions with the Approval No. 4207477” which is approved by the Ministry of Health and Welfare of Japan”

I was sent 7 sachets in total to try out by HiShop. 7 sachets means that it is for a week supplement. However, I don't take this everyday as it might cause me trouble in class, lol (It's not nice for a girl to go to toilet that frequently..haha). I do take this on weekend + public holidays so I can go to toilet as much as I can at home XD

My first impression is of course the look, smell and the taste of this supplement. I'm okay with green colour, a very green at that but I'm still not use to the smell nor the taste until the last sachets. It smells really sweet, that's no problem but it also smells grassy ( I don't know how to explain this) and that's equal to the taste. I usually finish up the whole drink is one chug without So I usually don't put much water into the glass, about half of the glass coz it doesn't matter how much water you put in it. I took the easy way to drink it in one chug.

For the first time taking this, I do feel the urge to go to toilet frequently but this would decrease a little as my stomach get used to the supplement. I love how I feel really light every time I secrete all the fats I have in my body. My cravings is slightly decrease as well as I don't feel like munching something when I feel bored.

My skin also looks glowy after I woke up from sleep and my pores were slightly shrink too. I wish I can take it continuously to get rid of this oil as much as I want and reduces the stubborn belly!

Do take note that you'll feel the urge to go to toilet after 8 hours. I don't really think that it would follow the exact time as the descriptions says but it really does! I was surprised coz I calculated the time. It is so convenient to me as I can plan on what time I should drink this so that it won't disturb my sleep.

Overall, I don't see major changes as this supplement should be taken 8 weeks continuously to see bigger result. I might as well purchased this myself later (semester break!lol)

Thank you so much to HiShop for sending me this supplement.
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