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Monday, August 11, 2014

[REVIEW] TruDtox Botanical Tea Blend

Hi! Today I'll be reviewing this detox tea sponsored by HiShop. It is the BESTSELLING PRODUCT WATSONS 2008. No senna, no dependency. This is my second time trying detox tea/supplements after Clenz. I do not take this daily because I have classes on daily basis so it wouldn't be great if I have to go to toilet that often..haha

I got total 17 sachets.

This is what the tea bag looks like. You can re-use this for 2-3 times.

After soaked for 30 minuted with hot water (I usually use hot water but preferably if you can use warm water instead)

This review would be based on three different person which I've tested with my own family members. The three of them shows different results are drinking the tea. All of the testers consumed the tea at night.

First person, normal weight, casually do exercise and male. The first day he drank the tea, he said that he does not have any stomach ache for the following day nor he had to go to toilet. The second day, with one gap, he drank the second cup of tea, he said that he only go to toilet once on the day. 

Second, a bit overweight, not exercising at all and female. The first day she drink the tea, she had to go to the toilet about 3-4 times on the next day. The second day, without gap, she drank the tea at night and right away got stomach ache after 1 hour, somewhat released green faeces(sorry, I really have to mention this). The third day drinking the tea, she got stomach ache the next day with 1-2 times going to toilet.

Third, normal weight, not exercising and female. The first day she drank the tea, she had to go to the toilet for about 1-2 times the next day. 

The tea tastes like Chi kit teck aun pills like the first person tells me. I never eat the pills so I'm not really sure. I don't like the smell but it really smells like herb, a pretty strong one. I usually don't put much water for the tea coz I want it black and it is so much easier to finish a cup XD

I regularly took this on Hari Raya ( rendang, ketupat, lemang and all). Those were pretty heavy foods and usually will cause me breaking out pimples. Well, with this, I don't breaking out at all and I feel so much lighter even I eat so much of the day.

It is advisable to soak the tea for about 20 - 30 minutes but sometimes I oversoak it and the results were pretty the same but I suggest you to follow the instructions better.

Overall, it is normal if you have stomach ache on the next day as it is detoxing all of your body's toxic. This is much gentler than Clenz coz it doesn't cause diarrhea nor it hurts.

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