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Sunday, August 31, 2014

[REVIEW] Majolica Majorca Linehunter Eyeliner #BK999

I managed a bit of my time to post a new review. Recently, I wanted to try more Japanese cosmetics than the Korean ones so I made a few purchases on the Japanese cosmetics that I encountered while randomly google-ing. I always wanted to try MM eyeliner (the twist one) but never got chance to do so and I saw these Linehunter collection that were released quite early this year if I'm not mistaken and the seller on ebay got this up on sale so I bought this right away.. :D

I heard that this collection have made it to Malaysia but my recent visit to a few MM counter in Watsons, I didn't saw this yet. Probably the the MM counter in KL or big cities would have this collection. 

MM packaging never fails me, it is mystery yet looks so gorgeous, I'm a packaging sucker and I know it..haha

Mine is black in colour.

Those are manufacturing date and expired date I guess.

This liner pen is super slim! A lot slimmer than my pen, lol

I just love love the design~

Actually I don't realize this before this review but the eyeliner brush have two sides with this, which is the slimmer and wider part. Slimmer part is for thin eyelining and the wider part is for thicker eyeline. I just realize than I used the slim part a lot more than the wider part because the thickness is just right for my eyes. 
If compared to other eyeliner that I had tried, eg; Dolly Wink, Skinfood, 3CE, the brush for this eyeliner is much more thinner than them. The wide part is comparable but the slim part is definitely thin.

Not the prettiest swatch I ever done ;(

Not the best eyeliner I ever done too.. Just to show here that the eyeliner able to draw the thinnest line on eyes.

I know you'll ask this question so I just tell you that I bought this from ebay. The seller name is kelly3316. Priced at RM39.40 exclude postage. Do note that the postage is not that high either (RM9.14) and it only took 1 and half week to arrive to me and I consider that is very fast coz I usually got my package from Japan or Hong Kong about three weeks.

The first time I tested the eyeliner on my hand, I thought the colour is not very black however later then when I try it again my eyes, it looks like very black in colour. The brush able to draw two types of eyeline, very thin to the thickest because of the unique brush that was designed to have two parts.

The brush is soft and so easy to use. Not a twist type this time from MM.
Because the brush have two parts, it ease me up with drawing the inner corner with the thinnest eyeline and also the thin cat eyes eyeline. No glitter and weird smell from this eyeliner.

The liquid dries pretty fast and I don't have to wait until it dries. However the negative side of this eyeliner is that it is not waterproof. I've read the other blogger review and they said that it is waterproof but how it is not the same as mine? I rubbed it right away after it dries and it smudges and under water it disappears. But although it smudges when I rubbed it, I'm pretty surprised that it don't smudges on my eyes after a whole day. Just it disappears on some part because it is not waterproof.

Overall, aside from the eyeline is not waterproof, I like everything about it. It's so easy to hold and use because it is small and it's perfect to bring anywhere with.

Thank you for reading :)
See you next time for another review coming up!


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