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Friday, August 26, 2016

[REVIEW] Tosowoong Makeon Dual Shaking Lip Tint/Spicy Gloss

Remember that Roserosehop sent me the Tosowoong Makeon Princess Season 3 Gel Eyeliner a while ago? They actually sent me along these three colors of Tosowoong Makeon Dual Shaking Lip Tint as well. I don't have any single idea what "spicy gloss" meant but I guess I do now..haha

Do check out Roseroseshop if you would like to purchase #kbeauty products! They offered wholesale too if you're interested in that and their price is definitely the lowest I've seen so far.

Before the review, here's a little bit about these lip tint;

Brand : Tosowoong
Product : Lip Tint
Volume : 5.7g each
Price : 5000won each or 4.63USD each
Where to buy : Roseroseshop

Out of the three name, idk why Orange is the one that sounds normal? haha

From top : Blood, Vampire and Orange.

These lip tint is actually oil mixed with the tint however it wasn't greasy just like a lot of oil tint however, as I said in my previous review, oil tint and my lip doesn't go well together since it creates uneven color on my lip. I can't even wearing gradient color with this.

After wearing these lip tints continuously for all three colors for lip swatches, my lips literally BURN! It was because of the "spicy gloss" that I was talking about which I guess is a mint(?). It was sooo strong that even after one application, you can already feel the burn so you can imagine me wearing all three T_T However, it doesn't burn forever but it takes time until the burning disappears.

Burning aside, I find that this lip tint makes my lips feels smoother. It feels like my lips is moisturized from all those burns (lol jk) but it definitely my lip lines lessen. It's not sticky at all and it feels plump even after it dries completely. The long lasting is really good as my normal makeup remover can't remove this completely even if I'm rubbing my lips really hard.

The color is really pigmented and it was actually brighter in real life compared to the picture above.
I would note than the vampire lip tint looks a little darker than in picture and my friend said that it was a pretty color. I would think it is pretty but I'll look grungy if I use it as a full lip color.

The lip tint smells a lot like mint chocolate, no kidding but it doesn't taste as good when I try to lick it from my lip since the mint was quite strong, so it's a little bitter(?) I guess?

Overall, aside from the fact that it burns, the lip tint is is quite good considering the pigmentation and long lasting. I would use it if the "spicy gloss" was removed from the formula.

I rate this;

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