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Thursday, August 11, 2016

[REVIEW] A'Pieu Hair Match Browcara #Milk Brown

Hi guys! Today I'll be reviewing this browcara from A'Pieu which I guess the new repackaged? Not too sure about since the original one suppose to have the pattern on the bottle and the brush wand is slim and straight. Anyway, I just grab it from my latest favourite shop which is! This is not sponsored but in case you guys want to check them out, I wouldtotally recommend it. They're way cheaper than Testerkorea and offered those limited edition that sold in Korea which you can't see a lot of them in Testerkorea.

I decided to purchase this since I'm interested in trying the lighter color of the browcara but not blonde. I've tried a few and mostly I have the dark brown in colour which looks almost black on my eyebrow so I thought why not a change of pace? Who knows it might look good on me? XD

This came without a box but with a safety sticker like you might seen on a lot of Korean brands.

It has dual brush to the wand and I preferred the longer side because it's easy to control the amount.

The left one is the color would like after it has dried and the right picture is the waterproof and rub-proof test I did. It was actually quite good despite I'm rubbing it real hard under the running water.

This is what it looks like on me and honestly I'm lovin' it~!

I chose the #Milk Brown in colour and honestly I didn't expect it to look good on me. I feel like it gives my whole face a youthful and softer look compared to when I'm wearing the Dark Brown in colour. I initially was a bit afraid to choose a light color since it might look weird on me but this one does not. Milk brown is a colour that is more like ashy brown I guess, since it is not too dark and not too light like a lot of blonde browcara.

The browcara dries really fast on me which makes it easy for a quick makeup. It does makes the hair stays neatly throughout the day. There's also no noticeable smells to it either.

As you might seen in the above picture, this browcara have dual wand brush which a shorter and the longer side. Honestly I don't know what's the function that they make it like that but I like the longer side better since it is easy to control the amount of the liquid onto my eyebrow. The shorter side might be tricky to use and I can't control the amount I brush the liquid onto my eyebrow with this side so I usually use the shorter part to apply roughly and brush it off with the longer side.

I don't have much to say about this since it's a great browcara to me. It last long, kept my eyebrow hair in place and the best is that it looks great on me :D <3 I do recommend this browcara since it is a lot cheaper in price than a lot of browcara and the quality is nice too :)

I rate this:

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