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Saturday, August 6, 2016

[HAUL] Althea Birthday Kbeauty Haul

Hey guys!

As you might have known (if you followed me on insta or my fb page), last month was the First Birthday Celebration and me, as one of the first Althea collab blogger feels excited that they have came a long way now :) So as for their birthday celebration, I did a haul with them but it was too bad that it was right after I made a kbeauty order so I didn't get much for this haul :(

Initially I wanted the new Laneige BB cushion however it was sold out at Althea at the time I made this order so I just picked random products to try. Most of these items are usually the one that I would not buy for my Kbeauty haul but it is interesting to have them once in a while :D

Althea frequently have special box for their events and this time it's the birthday box! (It's sold out now) but you will still get the Althea pink box every time you order with them :)

The birthday kit on the right came in with the box and they still have the giveaway going on for that :D

All the items I ordered.

My mom always said that I neglect my hair too much so when I saw this I thought of why not try it. I didn't care much about my hair before because it's short and my hair was in pretty good condition. However, I started to grow my hair about the end of the last year and it's a problem since then and it is the hair fall..T_T

As you might seen, I already used the hair vinegar and I can say that it smells heavenly <3 It did made my hair softer but it did nothing for my hair fall problem. I also noticed that it tangled my hair if I don't brush it after applying the vinegar and tangl-y hair wasn't even a problem for my hair in the first place. I'm not sure if I would recommend this because I only like the smell, so probably won't be repurchasing this.

My sponge that I have were already damaged so I needed a new one. Some asked if the sponge were comparable with Beauty Blender or Real Technique which I can't tell since I never tried any from those brand coz I rarely use sponge to begin with. It's just recently I've been liking the Klairs Blemish Cream and thought the sponge works great for applying the BB cream. So far it applies nicely on me and I love it.

I also think that I might need the lip brush so I picked one from It's My brand. It's the auto lip brush which you can retract the brush. However, I actually didn't use it that much as I thought I would be XD

The Air Magic Puff from Innisfree Hankie Limited Edition. I thought I just need one as backup and guess what, right after this order arrived, a lot of my air sponge tear off while I'm washing them and it feels like they knew that I have a new air puff XD

I probably hadn't realize that I have so many primers untouched but I still picked one to buy. I have reviewed the Innisfree No Sebum Blur Primer with comparison with the original one HERE in case you want to read it.

I always wanted the Innisfree Creammellow Lipstick and when I saw the No.10 Latte color, I thought it would be a great brown for me but sadly, it is not a brown at all..more like dim brick red I'd say?

I already had the eye cream from Tony Moly that I'm trying but it's not hurt to add another one so I picked the Skin & Lab Don't Worry Wrinkle anddd it was the most disappointing purchase evah! It was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo dry after the liquid evaporated and made my under eye wrinkles stick to each other! wut?! I would not recommend this to anyone so don't buy it. Don't even think of wasting your money on this.

I thought I might need more mascara in my collection so I add the Missha 4D mascara. It was an okay mascara but when the bristles touches my eye when I suddenly blinked, it hurts so
It was cheap so....

Overall, I recommend you to check out Althea for more interesting stuffs and affordable price. They have a lot of interesting kbeauty brands in list and what's great is that you get their pretty pink box for every purchase and free shipping for over RM150 order :D

Thank you for reading :D


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